NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - July 8, 2010) -  Verdi Corrente Productions (VCP) has just signed indie legend Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Thelma and Louise) to its next featured film, "Infected." The film, a zombie picture directed by Glenn Ciano (Inkubus, Homie Spumoni), will begin shooting in October.

The story centers on a father and son who have to fight to survive against a deadly, rapidly spreading blood virus. The film has been in development for months and will be produced by VCP managing partners Chad A. Verdi and Michael Corrente (American Buffalo, Outside Providence, The Door in the Floor). VCP is in the process of finalizing the cast, which Madsen will lead.

Chad A. Verdi stated, "We are implementing our business model to perfection and we couldn't be more pleased with the results." Verdi went on to state, "VCP is on track to have funded and completed four feature films with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, all within a twelve month period." Corrente added, "All of us at VCP are having a lot of fun watching these projects take shape. The chemistry between everyone at the company is very special."

In addition to "Infected," VCP is in post-production on their feature "Inkubus," a horror film starring Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), the original Freddy Krueger, William Forsythe (Halloween), and Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's). The shoot was so successful, VCP is in talks with Mr. Englund to franchise the "Inkubus" brand, hiring writer Carl Dupré and director Glenn Ciano to pen the next installment.

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