FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -  With thousands upon thousands of products available to help organize, arrange, and otherwise manage office equipment and the unruly wiring related thereto,, among the world's leading purveyors of cable, wire and equipment management-related solutions, has boiled it down to what they consider the 10 easiest and most impactful ways to give any office, work or study space a much-needed makeover.

"Whether in a home or workplace setting, getting your office organized and 'under control' is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes the environment safer and often helps people increase their productivity," notes product specialist Christina Hansen. "With so many products available today, pulling an office space together is relatively quick, easy and inexpensive to do."

With this in mind, offers these "Top 10 Workspace Makeover Tips":

1. Cable Control: Computer cables can be protected and organized in a number of ways and many products exist to remedy this problem, including the use of "cable tamers" -- affordable translucent split tubes that bundles wires and cables tidily under your office desk, leaving the floor free of clutter. Woven Wire Loom Wrap-Arounds and Cable-Safe™ Complete Cable Managers are other fantastic wire management options. The point is, taming those wires is office makeover mission number one.

2. Computer Wire Management: Cable ties and Velcro wire wraps are an extremely effective and inexpensive way to organize loose wires and outlets in the work area. For example, affixing Velcro to the back of a power surge protector allows you to fasten it to the side of your desk, so it's not only organized but also out of sight. Or, quickly and easily bundle those loose wires with some cable ties -- a budget-friendly way to keep the office tidy and efficient.

3. Desk Outlets: How nice would it be to have your RJ45, Cat5, Cat6, and power outlets all in one area? Very... and desk outlets are just the ticket! Whether you attach one to your desk or grab a few for the conference room, pop up desk outlets are helpful in making things more efficient as well as organizing the cables around your work area. They are especially useful when installed to adhere to a conference room table. These nifty outlets can even be customized to accommodate your particular needs.

4. Desk Grommets: If your biggest cable mess is the one on top of your desk, go "pro" with desk grommets that allow you to organize your office desk by compiling and routing the cords from your phone, fax, and computer below the work surface and out of sight.

5. Surface Raceways: Home office wires that run across the floor to a distant outlet are among the most dangerous office situations, with a high risk of injuries or damaged equipment (and liabilities related thereto). Fortunately, surface raceways are a readily available and easy way to organize and protect electrical cords that run along the floor or on the wall. These "cable channels" are made of tough PVC and can be painted to match your home or remote office decor.

6. Cord Protectors: These wire cover systems are another great way to keep from tripping on loose cables and cords running across a walkway or behind your desk. Cord protectors cover, hide, and protect cords and cables while keeping floors clear and safe. They also lay flat, and stay flat and are decidedly easy to install.

7. Computer Cable Clips, Ties & Wraps: Beyond protection, a breadth of products are available to neaten that tangle of cords. Computer cable clips, cable wraps and cable ties will ensure that your office environment is not only safe but tidy as well.

8. Label Makers: An organizer's best friend. In addition to the typical, and wonderful, use for labeling storage and other containers, labeling also prevents equipment wiring from becoming entangled and generally mixed up.

9. Storage Containers: Clearly labeled and organized storage containers are an office must-have to store papers, files, workbooks, office supplies, electronics, and the litany of other items that commonly stack up so that even the desk is hard to find!

10. LCD Display Monitor Mounts: Implement a solution that will free up valuable desk space and relieve the eye, neck, and back strain of viewing LCD monitors. Adjustable LCD Monitor Mount Arms, Stands, and Wall Mount systems are just the ticket!

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