BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - July 13, 2010) -  Trillium Software®, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS) and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality solutions, today announced Trillium Software executive Michele Goetz, director of product marketing, will speak at the annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2010 Information Quality Industry Symposium (MIT2010IQIS) on July 14, 2010. Mrs. Goetz will offer a presentation titled "Operational Data Quality Applied."

 The session will focus on how to optimize business results by optimizing the quality of information flowing through business processes. The presentation will define quality issues that impact business results, highlight ways to develop and deploy quality services within business processes, and manage performance of data over time. 

"The business impact of information quality comes from how the data is utilized within real business processes and transactions. You can improve business results by ensuring the data flowing through all processes is of very high quality," said Dr. Richard Wang, General Symposium Chair of MIT2010IQIS. "In challenging economic times, any improvements in business processes to generate revenue and save costs are critical, and we're offering strong expertise, knowledge and know-how for our attendees in the information quality industry." 

The mission of this influential MIT-led non-profit program is to help organizations improve their ability to capture and harness the power of information to realize real business benefits. The organization is composed of thought-leaders in the data and information quality industry who offer programs and initiatives to equip companies with knowledge and tools to improve information quality. 

MIT IQIS is an initiative of the MIT Information Quality Program, which is based at MIT's Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development (CTPID). It is an annual Symposium, held in mid-July every year at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Helping organizations capture and harness the immense potential power of information is its central means to this end. The Symposium actively facilitates the vibrant exchange of ideas among practitioners and academicians, in order to build a collaborative community of practice held together by a strong common belief that discovering the true power of information is the key to dramatically increasing the productivity of people, organizations, and economies. Visit the MIT Information Quality Program Web site at

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