TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - July 13, 2010) - (PINKSHEETS: EYSM), EYSM's TheDirectory.com (www.thedirectory.com) announces today that it has purchased the keyword-rich domain, "www.DentistAppointments.com" to add to the company's already diverse portfolio of targeted directory names such as www.Podiatrists.com, www.Chiropractor.net, www.Therapists.net, to name just a few. The domains are all subcategories as part of a master list to be placed under www.TheDirectory.com, which is Elysium's primary local business search model. Under the model, businesses are signed up on-line with targeted zip-code driven local directories categorized by practice, industry or subcategory therein. 

"We're thrilled with the acquisition of this domain," states Elysium CEO Scott Gallagher. "It's a perfect complement to our keyword based domains for www.TheDirectory.com; Dentists being one of the most sought-after categories in online searches by local users. There are currently over 4200 active Yellow Pages headings in a world where print ads and listings are aggressively seeking a viable home and effective strategy on the local World Wide Web." 

Ali Husayni, a search engine positioning expert and founder of Sinai Marketing, recently made a statement on the topic of local searches online for Dentists: "People who search online to find dentists need information about good dentists to be listed on the search results," Husayni said. "Because search engines such as Google are responsible for placing these sites on the home page, viewers believe the first-page dentists must be the 'best' of the dentists. In many cases that is also true, because only popular dentists come on the first page." 

From a marketing standpoint, the use of local business listings has exponentially increased in even the last year with the progressive use of social media and mobile devices. Elysium is confident that with each new category and subcategory it brings on to service existing and prospective clients, it in turn exponentially increases its potential revenue. 

EYSM is a certified Google Advertising Partner (GAP), providing its advertising professionals with valuable insight to trends and techniques as well as new technologies that can help increase the ROI for its local customers. EYSM CEO Gallagher comments, "Husayni is absolutely correct and Elysium gives its clients a leading edge via its status as a Google Certified Advertising Partner. This is key in that it's globally recognized that nearly 3 of every 4 searches that occur each and every day occur on Google. The combination of EYSM's knowledge and expertise of the local advertising tools offered by Google coupled with its portfolio of page-one ranked local niche directories deliver the leading platform for local businesses to virtually guarantee a triple digit ROI."

One of www.TheDirectory.com's more attractive features is the fact that it is "probably the cleanest, most user-friendly local search provider," states Gallagher. "As our world becomes more technologically advanced, people, more and more, want answers right now and they don't want to be 'sold' on something else in the midst of a search. It's as if you're trying to make a right turn and you have someone in the passenger seat asking you if you'd rather go left or someone in the backseat yelling out a supposed shortcut. You know where you want to go and TheDirectory.com gets you there fast, plain and simple. Combine this with our adwords expertise and proprietary domain portfolio and you get a direct route to industry position and profitability."

As previously announced, EYSM is in process toward a company name change and ticker symbol change for branding purposes further positioning www.TheDirectory.com as a leader in local search. 

Most importantly, toward transparency and accessibility for shareholders, Gallagher points out "that we are in the process of returning to the OTCBB as a fully reporting company and have signed an engagement letter with RE Bassie and Co. in Houston, Texas, to serve as our PCAOB qualified auditor. As well, we have secured the services of Trombly Business Law in Boston to continue to serve as our SEC counsel. We have been notified by OTC Markets (www.otcmarkets.com) that our Caveat Emptor symbol should be removed within 24 hours of our meeting fully reporting criteria as such. We thank shareholders for recognizing that audited financials take time and this is the only thing between EYSM and a Current Info Tier status with OTC Markets." 

About EYSM

Elysium Internet is an emerging leader in the local advertising, search and publishing space. The Company is building a direct navigation-based Internet advertising network anchored by its local business search engine TheDirectory.com. Elysium builds targeted professional directories over category killer Dot Com and Dot Net domain names such as www.TheDirectory.com, www.Podiatrists.com, www.Chiropractor.net, www.Psychiatrists.com, www.Pediatricians.com, www.Dietitians.net, www.Auditors.com, www.Therapists.net and others. For more information visit the Company web site www.ElysiumInternet.com. Review the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission at http://www.SEC.gov

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