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Nilfisk CFM S2 and S3 Industrial Vacuums Reporting for Duty

Nilfisk CFM Launches New Single-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

MALVERN, PA--(Marketwire - July 14, 2010) -  Nilfisk CFM, one of the industry's leading industrial vacuum manufacturers announces the launch of two NEW single-phase vacuums. Reporting for duty and ready to serve on the front lines of any industrial maintenance plan, the S2 and S3 industrial vacuum cleaners from Nilfisk CFM feature cutting-edge innovations never before seen in the industry until now.

  • The Longopac® collection system: this "endless" bag can be dispensed as needed to your desired length. Once filled, it can be cut, sealed, disposed and restored for a new use.
  • LED indicators that automatically monitor filter performance and increase productivity.
  • Liquid and Solid Level LED sensors (100 L machines only) that automatically shut-off the machine when maximum capacity is achieved.
  • Ergonomic design for ease-of-use; includes an accessory storage tray.
  • Multiple configurations, including stainless steel construction, automatic filter cleaning systems, and HEPA filtration.
  • Dozens of hose, filters and accessories to meet any industrial cleaning challenge.

The two-motor S2 comes with a 50 liter (13 gallon) collection container, while the S3, three-motor machine, is available with 50 or 100 liter (26 gallon) collection capacities. Both models feature a modular design for easy modifications, upgrades and servicing and are NRTL-approved for electrical safety.

Ready to enlist the new Nilfisk CFM S2 and S3 industrial vacuums for the front lines of your maintenance plan? Visit or call 1-800-645-3475.

Nilfisk CFM, the industrial vacuum division of Nilfisk-Advance America, helps its industrial customers meet their individual cleaning requirements and challenges with an extensive range of high-performance vacuum cleaners. From its Malvern, PA headquarters, the IVAC division provides industrial vacuums for heavy-duty applications that require maximum suction power; and specialty vacuums for clean applications that demand "absolute" air purity and facility cleanliness. The company's vacuums are equipped with industry-specific features and exceptionally efficient filtration systems, ensuring dust- and debris-free facilities in the food, chemical/pharmaceutical, electronics, metalworking/powder coating, and a variety of manufacturing industries.

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New Feature. The Longopac system is an "endless" collection bag that can be filled, cut, disposed, and restored for new use.
The Nilfisk CFM S2 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. Visit for more information.
The Nilfisk CFM S3, 100 Liter Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.
Ready and Reliable. The Nilfisk CFM S2 and S3 are ready for the front lines of any industrial maintenance plan.

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