CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - July 15, 2010) -  Elizabeth Arden's success with a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program with a national drug retailer is featured in a recent Gartner research note titled "It's a Beautiful Thing! Elizabeth Arden Segments Its Supply Chain Technology Strategy to Improve VMI Performance" published June 25, 2010.

The research note discusses Elizabeth Arden's VMI strategy and their use of the Datalliance VMI platform. Elizabeth Arden was able to implement store-level VMI for 460 drug retailer stores in just 3 months, resulting in improved in-stock percentage, increased turns, and a 21% improvement in store-level inventory accuracy.

The report concludes saying: "Organizations often grapple with unexpected business events that challenge the status quo and encompass, in this case, the business model and elements of supporting technology... Retailers and consumer goods companies should challenge existing supply chain and VMI segmentation strategies to uncover the next level of benefits for supply chain trading partners and ultimately for the shopper making a product selection at the store level."

The full report is available to Gartner clients with subscriptions to the AMR Classic: Retail service or the AMR for Supply Chain Providers service. Companies with subscriptions to those services can access the research note at

"We're always happy to see Datalliance VMI customers get the industry recognition that we believe they deserve for their VMI programs," said Carl Hall, Datalliance President and CEO. "This is another example of the many successful VMI programs within our customer community."

Earlier, Datalliance VMI was positively referenced in the AMR Research report titled "The Resurgence of Vendor Managed Inventory: A Landscape" published in October 2009. Visit for more information about that report, which is also available on the Gartner web site for companies with appropriate subscriptions. AMR Research is now part of Gartner.

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