LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 19, 2010) -  Resolve Market Research, the Los Angeles-based New Media research consulting firm, has recently completed a study detailing the impact of the iPad on other media and entertainment devices. As one of the first comprehensive studies released since the device's debut, key components of the findings were initially published last week on Mashable.com. Today, Resolve Market Research releases a summary of those results, which aim to provide directional insights on how the iPad will affect the convergent device market, consumer attitudes on tablets and brand engagement.

The study investigated the attitudes, usage patterns, brand affiliations and spending habits of technology device owners and "intenders," those intending to own devices by the end of 2010, in four categories: the iPad, smartphones, e-Readers and portable gaming devices.

"What's surprising about this research is that consumers end up spending a lot of time playing casual games on their iPads and many will not buy a new portable gaming device as a result. This negatively impacts portable gaming as consumers want to carry fewer devices over time," says Elaine B. Coleman, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer for Resolve Market Research.

Following are highlights from the study's comprehensive findings:

  • The iPad is trending towards a major takeover given that users of e-Readers and portable gaming devices intend to forego buying those devices in the future and instead defer to the iPad for their e-reading and portable gaming needs. 60% of iPad owners/intenders view portable gaming devices as most enjoyable for playing games, and yet 38% say they will not buy new portable gaming devices after owning an iPad.
  • Nearly 50% say they will not buy an e-Reader after buying an iPad. However, replacement of other devices (smartphones, gaming consoles and netbooks/laptops) will not take place at such a high rate, they tell us.
  • #1 reason to own an iPad? It's an entertaining and cool device!
    The top reasons for wanting an iPad support that assertion.
     #1 (56%) -- Entertainment
     #2 (42%) -- Cool factor
     #3 (40%) -- Convenience
     #4 (28%) -- Brand (Apple)
  • 55% call the device "a very expensive toy." They view it in terms of amusement as opposed to practicality. Because of the strong associations with entertainment and coolness, the top reasons for rejecting the iPad were related to its futility.
    #1 (54%) -- Unnecessary
    #2 (46%) -- It's too expensive
    #3 (17%) -- Subscription fee required for 3G
    #4 (16%) -- Duplicates functions of other owned devices
  • The iPad may serve as a gateway device to AT&T's wireless business. Not only are a surprisingly large percentage of iPad intenders planning to buy their first Apple product, but many of them are also currently subscribing to other carriers. Greater exposure to the iPhone OS might produce interest in their mobile or computer offerings.
    37% of planned iPad purchasers will be first-time Apple customers
    44% of iPad intenders are Verizon customers and 19% are with AT&T
    41% intend to purchase an Apple iPhone within the year.

The study was conducted by Resolve Market Research, and was executed via an online survey from June 5th, 2010 to June 10th, 2010 among a US nationally representative sample of N = 406 technology owners and intenders. Figures for gender, age and devices were weighted to their proportion in the US population using an omnibus sample of N = 960. 

For more information on The iPad Effect Study from MASHABLE, visit: http://mashable.com/2010/07/08/ipad-usage-report/

To learn more or purchase a full report on The iPad Effect Study, please visit our website at: http://www.resolvemr.com/

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