DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - July 26, 2010) -  Hoist and crane systems have become a critical component of green-ready flexible manufactured housing. The foundation of success began with a production partnership in the construction of the ultimate systems manufactured home factory, opened by Ritz-Craft in Jonesville, MI ten years ago.

Ritz-Craft engineers, with the assistance of Harrington Hoists, Inc., developed a "Cafeteria Manufacturing System" of house component selection that is unmatched in the industry. Precision engineering meets accuracy of assembly in a climate controlled environment that keeps building materials dry, straight, and constantly moving with Harrington crane and trolley systems. Mammoth structures such as fully assembled walls, floors and roofing systems move as gracefully as a well-choreographed ballet.

Plant superintendent, Brook Bindus, commented for Industry Visions news, "With our semi-automated system we have the capability of keeping craftsmen steadily employed to our staff. Their concentration is on their skill-set, not breaking their backs moving materials. With the precision of our hoist and crane systems we have the strongest of all frame homes built. In fact we now have an unprecedented structural guarantee of 10 years.

"Ritz-Craft Manufacturing understands the value of these Hoist and Crane systems from Harrington and what they bring to the table in reducing the cost of building our homes. That reduction of time saves in so many ways even down to lower interest costs on their construction loans."

"Energy efficiency is another consideration for today's home buyer," commented Bindus. "Ritz-Craft is an Energy Star partner using energy efficient building methods and materials. The tight tolerances we must adhere to in meeting these standards could not happen without our use of Harrington hoists and crane systems."

"Ritz-Craft offers over 300 floor plans and is marketed in 29 states. Choosing Ritz-Craft is the best decision any home buyer anywhere can make. We are truly Craftsmen Building the American Dream."

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