CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwire - August 2, 2010) -  WVSN Industry Visions reports that Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are now the completed green link for American manufacturers battling low-cost foreign labor. America in Motion, Charlotte, NC, manufacturers of this new cutting-edge technology in AGVs, is increasing profits from "perpetual motion" moving materials to and from the manufacturing process areas.

In a recent interview with WVSN industrial news, Tommy Hessler, America in Motion's CEO, commented, "Most manufacturing facilities are tremendously automated, yet continue to focus their attention for growth on what they already have in place... they are too busy thinking about their 'here and nows,' but forget to consider their 'to and froms,' meaning material moving in and out of the process area."

"Automated guided vehicles are known to save an additional 20% on production cost; that savings comes from less material damage from forklift tines, as well as human error and fatigue in operation of forklifts, plus the single point failure of conveyors. AGVs can plot a path unique to their assigned path or tasks, ensuring the shortest possible route, and can easily navigate around fixed or moving obstructions typical in today's dynamic manufacturing environments."

"The power source of AGVs from America in Motion comes from absorbed glass matte battery systems, thereby eliminating fumes from forklift activity powered by propane or caustic batteries. Vehicles operate 24/7, stopping automatically only 5 minutes of every hour over their own 'charging shoes,' then back to work!"

"The philosophy of truly green manufacturing is waste no motion, thereby increasing production," said Hessler. "Our AGVs are the American workers' new best friends; employees can easily operate these systems from a drag and drop laptop screen and become more beneficial to other areas of company growth. We at America in Motion are proud to meet and beat the Chinese challenge of low cost labor. The return on investment with our AGVs can be achieved in as little as 2 years, pumping prosperity with perpetual motion, the life's blood of American manufacturing."

Industry Visions WVSN is a nationally-recognized industrial news program produced for the wire services that broadcast the lofty endeavors of industry.

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