DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - August 17, 2010) -  Dean Evans & Associates is now offering EMS AttendanceTracker™, which integrates its facility scheduling software with third-party, automated people counting technology to detect, capture and track actual attendance data. This information can then be used to optimize room utilization and support real estate decisions.

EMS AttendanceTracker is available to EMS Enterprise-level customers at no cost.

EMS AttendanceTracker uses people counting sensors, which are purchased from a vendor, to pull in actual attendance data and record it for each booking that takes place in a monitored meeting room, event space or shared workspace. This eliminates the need for meeting coordinators to take manual headcounts at each session.

"We've always tracked and reported on actual attendance but this new integration completely streamlines that process," said Kevin Raasch, vice president of DEA. "Recording actual attendance is critical for making business decisions. This seamless integration will collect data without any user intervention, automatically populating the EMS Actual Attendance field."

The EMS AttendanceTracker integration is sophisticated enough to accurately monitor rooms that can be subdivided with movable walls. Organizations can use these informative room utilization numbers to make important real estate decisions.

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