BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwire - August 18, 2010) - GetWellNetwork, Inc., the leading provider of interactive patient care solution, today announced the availability of QuickCare, a new feature that provides clinicians and staff with the ability to order patient education and execute service requests at the point of care using the patient's bedside TV. QuickCare assists clinicians and staff by enabling them to log-in to a secure GetWellNetwork system menu to perform six frequent care tasks for patients. Ultimately, this will help clinicians and staff to deliver better, more efficient care and to improve patient satisfaction.

By executing key nursing tasks directly from the patient's room, clinicians optimize their time with patients and can take advantage of valuable teachable moments to initiate patient education without waiting to get back to the nurse's station or computer terminal. Patients also feel confident that their service requests are quickly handled because clinicians and staff are initiating the orders right from their bedside. These service requests are then directed to the appropriate department, thereby off-loading non-clinical tasks from the clinician's busy schedule.

"Using QuickCare, our nurses are able to easily complete important medication teaching without ever leaving the patient's room. This helps expedite care and our patients feel more involved and personally cared for; ultimately, making a positive impact on patient satisfaction," said Katherine E. Pereira-Ogan, RN, BSN, BC, MSSL, director of service excellence at Christiana Care Health System.

The bedside tools available in QuickCare assist clinicians in delivering timely, consistent education that yields better patient comprehension and provides better patient care through more efficiently managed service requests. 

QuickCare provides fast, one-click access in six key care areas:

  • Patient Safety: Clinicians can prescribe safety education for their patients at the point of care, such as falls prevention information or hand hygiene, which also helps meet The Joint Commission requirements for patient safety.
  • Patient Education: QuickCare enables clinicians to consistently and effectively engage patients in learning about their condition by initiating patient-specific education sessions at optimal teachable moments from the point of care. Improving patient education leads to improved patient outcomes.
  • Medication Teaching: Clinicians can improve patient satisfaction by helping to engage patients in learning more about the importance of their medication regimen. QuickCare lets clinicians access the full medication database and retrieve real-time list of their patients' prescribed medications.
  • Patient Care Plan: Clinicians can reduce the number of readmission by guiding their patients through a comprehensive multi-phase care plan such as heart failure or asthma on the GetWellNetwork system. 
  • Admissions and Discharge: Helping patients complete the steps for discharge ensures that patients can go home on time and reduce the length of stay. It also gives clinicians the ability to keep patients well informed about any aftercare instructions to ensure better patient outcomes. 
  • Service Requests: Makes it easy for clinicians to contact the right department for non-clinical service requests such as notifying environmental services for room cleaning or sending a message to dietary services for their patients.

"We have put more control in the hands of caregivers at the point of care -- QuickCare gives clinicians and staff the ability to assess patients' needs and act on them immediately," said Carrie Hallock, RN, BSN, product line director, nursing practice at GetWellNetwork. "The more we can do to optimize nursing workflows, the more time clinicians have for delivering the kind of patient care that inspired them into the nursing profession." 

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