DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  NewMarket Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NWMT) today released an open letter from Founder and Chairman Philip Verges as a follow up to his "Sex, Lies and PIPEs" letter published August 5th (http://tinyurl.com/24e75qg). In both letters, Mr. Verges casts a new and unique perspective on how the over-the-counter market really works. He believes the over-the-counter market, together with the Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) market, can provide "the very best and most consistent capital market" for small business and early stage financing not only in North America but worldwide. Today's letter and the recent letter are intended as the beginning of a dedicated dialogue to build an ongoing collaboration between the entrepreneurs seeking early stage business plan financing and the small investors seeking meaningful returns through over-the-counter investments. Mr. Verges' first objective in building this collaboration is to reset the over-the-counter market expectations of both investors and entrepreneurs. The subject line of today's letter is "Are You Sitting Down?" in reference to statistics included in the letter that are not widely publicized and Mr. Verges believes most readers will react to in shock.

Philip Verges Provides Background Behind "Are You Sitting Down?"
"I stepped down as the CEO of NewMarket in February this year to dedicate more time to the mission of improving the over-the-counter market as a source of small business investment capital and small investor returns. In fall 2008, I attended my first Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Small Business Capital Formation Forum. The SEC hosts a Small Business Capital Formation Forum annually. After six years as the CEO of a publicly traded small business, I was delighted to discover the existence of the Small Business Capital Formation Forum. I arrived at the meeting hoping to participate in a public dialogue about the frustrations I regularly heard voiced by over-the-counter investors and other over-the-counter managers. I looked forward to hearing from others on topics such as share price performance trends that run counter to fundamental financial performance and engaging in discussion on subjects such as the real or perceived issues surrounding stock shorting. Instead of finding an opportunity to jump into the public forum with my own experience and questions, I found myself on the sidelines listening to conversations that involved specific regulatory codes designated by roman numerals and punctuated by decimal annotations. I stood and introduced myself to the other forum participants and suggested some additional topics for discussion. No one seemed too interested in my suggestions. I could not believe I was alone in my experiences with such over-the-counter market issues and I became curious as to the nature of my fellow forum participants' exact interest in the over-the-counter market. The forum mediators indulged me in an informal survey of the participants' various roles within the over-the-counter market. I discovered the majority of participants worked with law firms and accounting firms that provided services to over-the-counter quoted companies. While the forum did not include the open dialogue between over-the-counter companies and investors I had hoped for, I do understand and appreciate the importance of addressing regulatory and accounting issues. However, I left the 2008 forum recognizing the importance of starting a dialogue between managers of over-the-counter quoted companies and over-the-counter investors and having the dialogue heard by the parties addressing regulatory and accounting issues. I hope my letter today and my other recent letter contribute to the onset of such a dialogue." 

Greenfield Partnership Program

As Chairman and Founder of NewMarket, Mr. Verges launched the NewMarket Greenfield Partnership Program to facilitate the start-up and early stage development of businesses with high-growth potential, especially those in the world's emerging markets, with program participants in China, Southeast Asia, South and Central America and East Africa, in addition to a handful of program participants in North America. Many of the Greenfield Program companies are quoted on an over-the-counter market to facilitate access to early stage financing through the PIPE market. Greenfield Program companies include China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: CCTR), Savanna East Africa, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NVAE) and NuMobile, Inc. (OTCBB: NUBL).


Mr. Verges and the other founders of NewMarket also launched the Small Equity Initiative (SEI) (www.smallequity.com) as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy and activism to improve the capital markets for both small business entrepreneurs and investors. SEI itself is a small operation today with big objectives intended to improve access to capital for small, start-up and early stage businesses and improve the return on investment potential for the individuals and institutions that invest in the small business sector. SEI also aims to improve the opportunity for self-directed retail investors to profit from over-the-counter investments. The Small Equity Initiative (SEI) plans to build a community for small business investors and entrepreneurs aimed at improving the collective understanding of how the small business and over-the-counter markets really work today and how it can be improved in the future. SEI is based in the U.S. but serves the global small business community.

Mr. Verges' letter is available in its entirety on NewMarket's corporate website www.newmarkettechnology.com under 'Investor Relations' or directly at: http://www.newmarkettechnology.com/lts_2010819.html

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