NATRONA HEIGHTS, PA--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  PEM Technologies is set to unveil its new Precision Electrolytic Machining (PEM) Process in North America this September at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at the McCormick Convention Complex in Chicago, IL.

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The PEM process is a step above Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) technology, taking it to a new level of precision and accuracy. With ECM, metal is machined through the use of electricity and chemistry to quickly and accurately erode and produce the desired end product. PEM technology has significantly extended and improved the application possibilities associated with conventional ECM, allowing highly accurate full form features to be manufactured in almost any metallic material, particularly those that are difficult to machine by conventional methods. 

"The PEM process gives us the ability to create highly complex geometrical shapes with extremely high tolerance," says Don Risko, Vice President of PEM Technologies. "The specific advantages of PEM-machined workpieces offer an extensive range of applications including medical, automotive, tool and die, diesel, fluid power and control."

The benefits of PEM Technology include:

  • The ability to process virtually all metals and alloys in large or small quantities
  • Speed is not dependent on hardness or toughness of the material; exotic or hard alloys can be machined just as quickly as soft material
  • Parts are machined burr free and finished in a single operation
  • Fast machining rates with high production repeatability
  • Electrode replication accuracy is increased by employing a very small working gap; thus significantly smaller structures and shapes such as prongs, holes, cavities and inscriptions are easily produced
  • No mechanical contact therefore no stress produced in workpieces
  • With no mechanical or thermal load on the tool, there is no mechanical wear, offering extremely long tool life
  • Simultaneous production of many parts in parallel is possible
  • Sequential rough machining then very fine machining to quickly produce highly-complex structures is possible

A PEM machine will be demonstrated on-site at IMTS and can be seen at booth E-4428. For more information on PEM or to request a trial demonstration on an application at IMTS, please contact Deborah Sittig at 908-377-8700 or by email at

About PEM Technologies

PEM Technologies was founded by the owners of Bruderer USA (a supplier of high precision punch presses) along with Don Risko who has 20+ years of experience in Electrochemical Machining. The company was formed to advance the capability of manufacturing through the use of Precision Electrolytic Machining. A strategic alliance was formed with PemTec Precision of Forbach, France to supply machines and fully tooled turnkey systems. Application development and contract manufacturing services are offered by PEM Technologies.

The PEM (Precision Electrolytic Machining) process is an advanced, highly accurate metal machining technique based on electrolysis. The result is precise shapes with excellent burr-free surface finish, some as low as 1-4 micro inch Ra. This new technology generates highly-complex geometrical shapes which cannot be efficiently manufactured using conventional chip-making processes.

PEM machines process volume production parts in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors such as the automotive and diesel engine industry, medical technology, aviation and aerospace, tool and die, fluid power, mechanical transmission and many other industries.

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