COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - August 20, 2010) -  Independents often hold the key to elections, so the November midterms could prove to be interesting as 41.8% of registered Independent voters say they are somewhat/very excited to vote, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 5,151 respondents. Likewise, 41.8% of Democrats and 61.6% of Republicans are feeling the same way. An energized group of Independents could signal bad news for Democratic chances this fall as their opinions seem to be in line with Republican views.

90.6% of excited Independent voters and 95.5% of registered Republicans say the federal government is spending too much (67.8% of registered Democrats who are excited to vote agree). The similarities with Republicans continue with bailouts, pork-barrel projects and stimulus packages all cited as areas they believe the government is over-spending on.

What is the government spending too much on? (Top 3)
Registered Independents
Excited to Vote
Registered Republicans
Excited to Vote
Registered Democrats Excited to Vote
Bailouts (81.7%) Bailouts (87.9%) War in Iraq (75.7%)
Pork-barrel projects (76.4%) Pork-barrel projects (76.0%) War in Afghanistan (70.0%)
Stimulus packages (63.5%) Stimulus packages (68.9%) Bailouts (66.8%)

Further, 72.1% of excited Independents say they are totally unhappy/unhappy with their government (79.7% of Republicans say the same, compared to 33.4% of Democrats). And if the Congressional Elections were held today it appears this group would make a move to shake up power; 48.3% would cast their vote for a Republican vs. 16.8% who would vote for a Democrat. The gap is even wider when it comes to the Presidential Election; 60.1% would vote for an unnamed Republican and 20% would vote for President Obama.

One reason that Independents may be inclined to vote Republican if the Presidential Election were held today is that they tend to think the President's performance on domestic issues is either poor or failing.

How do you think President Obama is doing? (Excited Independent Voters)      
  A B C D F
Economy 4.3% 9.3% 14.2% 22.4% 49.8%
Healthcare 7.6% 11.6% 12.7% 17.6% 50.5%
Job Creation 3.7% 8.4% 13.1% 18.6% 56.2%
Immigration 3.1% 6.8% 10.4% 17.6% 62.0%

Complimentary report:

Comparisons among excited registered voters:

 Registered Voters Excited to Vote   
    Independents   Republicans   Democrats
• % who would vote for state law preventing federal government from mandating health insurance   64.8   70.3   34.5
• % who think their kids will inherit a country worse off than they did   78.8   85.7   50.5
• % who say Federal government not doing enough to stop illegal immigration   92.6   94.9   81.5
• % who don't believe Social Security will be around when they retire   40.9   46.3   33.0

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