DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - August 23, 2010) -  Industrial hoist and crane systems are the material handling devices of choice at systems manufactured housing giant Ritz-Craft homes in Jonesville, Michigan. These custom designed hoist and crane lifting solutions, engineered by Harrington Hoists, Inc., are now celebrating their 10th year anniversary of flawless service at the plant. Hoist and crane lifting solutions by Harrington provide Ritz-Craft homes a 'cafeteria styled' assembly system where giant pre-built home components such as roofs, walls and flooring systems move effortlessly through the plant and are fastened with precision accuracy. This well-choreographed building ballet is smooth, quiet and complements what Harrington engineers call a 'three way end truck system.'

"With the precise placement of materials by of our hoist and crane systems from Harrington Hoists, we have the speed and accuracy that keeps Ritz-Craft on top, plus the best structural warranty in the business," commented Brook Bindus, Plant Supervisor at the Jonesville plant. "We are now poised for a resurgence of what we at Ritz-Craft refer to as new 'green-ready' home sales.

"Green and sustainable standards in new home construction requires tighter tolerances for energy efficiency more than ever before, and Ritz-Craft is proud to meet or exceed these new standards. Another important factor in systems-built housing is the craftsmanship our people bring to the table. We are able to build homes faster, thereby keeping experienced workers employed constantly.

"The just-in-time-manufacturing ethos at Ritz-Craft depends on our material movement. Ritz-Craft value begins with our hoist and crane systems that give people what they demand, stronger construction, better prices on lumber, and the ability to integrate the custom features our buyers want in their dream homes. Ritz-Craft offers new home buyers better choices, from vaulted ceilings, to grand selections of window, door and cabinet possibilities.

"At Ritz-Craft we are truly craftsman building the American Dream, and it all begins with industrial hoist and crane systems from Harrington Hoists."

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