NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 25, 2010) -  LIBOX, the company rethinking the digital media experience, today announced the availability of the first in a series of mobile additions to the LIBOX platform, expanding users' ability to enjoy and share their entire media collection for free. Now LIBOX users can enjoy their entire collection of HD video, photos and music while multi-tasking on their iPhone or while browsing on any mobile device. On any version of the iPhone, including those running iOS4, users can instantly enjoy and share their entire media collection, no matter where it is stored locally, without worrying about storage limitations. As part of its core values, LIBOX strives to provide the finest HD media experience without ever charging users to enjoy their own media collection or ever limiting how much media users can share with friends and family.

The LIBOX beta service, for desktop and Web browsers, was made publicly available in June after nearly two years of development. The patent-pending technology intelligently syncs and streams media to create a seamless user experience for all types of media, across all types of devices. LIBOX can offer its service for free thanks to its innovative peer-to-peer and grid computing platform -- an infinitely scalable alternative to expensive cloud storage solutions. LIBOX is out to dramatically advance the consumer media industry by attracting a robust ecosystem of partners to its distributed platform in order to enrich the consumer experience with competitive innovation. The LIBOX beta platform has already seen significant updates based on extensive user feedback and the API will be available for developers later this year.

"Carriers are searching for alternate ways to generate consumer revenues and new ways to monetize the value they can offer consumers on devices ranging from smartphones to TVs. As companies like LIBOX develop consumer platforms designed for 3rd party developers that work across devices, carriers can take advantage of opportunities for revenue sharing while consumers benefit from a richer HD media experience," said Irene Berlinsky, senior research analyst at IDC.

"I started LIBOX based on my own needs as a gadget geek, but my mission is to challenge the status quo for all media fans everywhere. We all know that we should be able enjoy our full HD media collection in a better way -- and that current options fall short both in price and convenience. After more than two years of development, we are ready for users to kick the tires and let us know what they think of LIBOX," said Erez Pilosof, founder and CEO of LIBOX.

In addition to being able to play or view your entire media collection on the go while multi-tasking, the LIBOX iPhone app lets you capture and share HD media with as many friends and family as you like through the LIBOX platform. LIBOX apps for iPad and Android are next on the list with announcements coming soon. In the meantime, access your LIBOX account from the desktop app, any Web browser and get the full experience for LIBOX on the most popular mobile browsers, like Safari and Android.

Pilosof explained, "Now you can listen to any song in your collection while playing a game or browsing the Web on your iPhone. No need to think about transferring files, no worries about storage capacity -- and of course we throttle your broadband, too. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your HD media."

You can add as much HD video, photo and music as you want via the iPhone app and it is instantly available to enjoy on any other device through the LIBOX platform. First download the LIBOX desktop app to all the computers you want to sync, then add media via the desktop app or via the iPhone app. View and play your entire media collection from your LIBOX account through the iPhone app or on any device with an Android or Safari mobile browser.

Pilosof added, "The mobile additions are just the beginning of the full experience users will have with the LIBOX platform. We designed our distributed platform with developers and partners in mind -- to make it possible to dramatically advance the way people think about devices and media."

In addition to providing limitless media access and infinite sharing, the LIBOX iPhone app takes full advantage of the new iPhone 4 and the multi-tasking features of the iOS4 operating system:

  • Multi-tasking:
    • Fast switch between LIBOX and other apps, picking up where you left off
    • Listen to audio in the background
    • Get calls while enjoying your media
    • Complete tasks like uploading in the background while you use your phone for other activities
  • Never-ending Playlist. Enjoy your entire music, photo and video collection wherever you are, regardless of the storage available on your iPhone.
  • Intelligent Syncing and Streaming. Add any existing media from your iPhone to LIBOX and it automatically syncs or streams across all devices you use to access your LIBOX account based on your usage, without overloading the storage of any one device.
  • Simple Sharing. Share your media with friends and family -- the easy way. No email attachments, no uploading/downloading or wires required, and no limits on how much you share. Just hit the share button and LIBOX will transfer your media directly to the recipient in its original HD format without any loss in quality.
  • All Media. LIBOX lets you enjoy all popular media formats for music, photos and video with "on the fly" conversion. With LIBOX you never have to think about whether you have the right type of media player.
  • High Definition. Take full advantage of the 5 megapixel camera on the iPhone 4 by capturing HD video or photos with the LIBOX app. Your high def media will instantly be synced with all your devices running LIBOX, in full size and resolution and won't be degraded when you share it with family and friends. Plus, view all of your HD media on the iPhone 4 on the great "retina display" screen with 326 dpi resolution.

On the LIBOX blog, find a Q&A with CEO Erez Pilosof answering some of the most common questions about LIBOX as well as tips for making the most of LIBOX. See for more detail on how a digital media platform without limits can be offered for free and check out the LIBOX Support Forum, where LIBOX encourages users to participate in product development and every request and idea is given careful consideration.

LIBOX is rethinking digital media so that everyone has the ability to share and experience high quality media on any device, the way it should be: free, easily and without limitations. LIBOX aims to dramatically advance the consumer media industry with a platform that attracts a robust ecosystem of content partners and developers, giving consumers the benefit of competitive innovation. Your media. Your way.

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