SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - August 26, 2010) -  Eightfold Logic, an inbound marketing and SEO innovator, today announced a free version of Linker, the company's opt-in marketplace for SEO link building. This limited-time offer will be available until September 30th, making SEO easier for small to mid-sized businesses and reducing the resources necessary for in-house or outsourced SEO expertise.

Inbound links are the most cost effective way to increase website traffic by driving higher referral traffic as well as improved search engine rankings. However, many business owners overlook link building, with only five percent of SMB websites implementing linking strategies due to time and resource constraints. Traditional linking takes anywhere from several hours to many days to establish a relevant match. Even when business owners do have the time, relevant, high-quality link building is a laborious process that involves sending tactless, unsolicited email requests for each link request.

"Quality links are critical to how search engines determine your reputation and move you up in their rankings," said Bryan Eisenberg, New York Times best-selling author and online marketing thought leader. "Before Linker, acquiring quality links either required luck or lots of tedious work, often with minimal results. Small to medium-sized businesses shouldn't count on either of those. They should take advantage of Eightfold Logic's match-making service for links. It's like a dating service for search engine marketers, but your odds of getting lucky and enjoying the perks with Linker are much higher."

Linker is the only opt-in marketplace for link building where anyone -- from SMB owners, to individual web developers, marketers, or SEO strategists -- at any business can discover and link to relevant, high-quality websites to significantly increase qualified traffic to their websites.

Since originally launching in June, thousands of sites have already engaged with Linker to improve their findability by those who are looking for the kinds of products and services they offer.

"The Eightfold Logic Linker marketplace is revolutionary and will reward you if you really engage with it for just a few minutes every few days," said Dixon Jones, Marketing Director for Majestic SEO. "Trust the system and accept the matches that are offered, and I assure you that you won't be disappointed."

Early usage shows adoption across a broad range of business categories such as shopping, sports, travel/tourism and education, as well as more traditional business and technical industries such as business services, Internet and blogs.

"As a small business owner, I could easily spend much of my day optimizing my website and searching for qualified links that will help me rank higher in the search engines," said Russ Beebe, proprietor and owner of California Wine Hikes. "But I wear many hats and that's simply just not scalable. Linker helps me connect with other relevant quality sites, saves me valuable time in doing so, and therefore frees me to focus on the core tasks of my business. I appreciate such tools when they quickly help me streamline what can otherwise be a very daunting process."

Additionally, Linker only provides introductions to and from opt-in, qualified websites, so it eliminates reliance on spamming, link-farms and other frowned-upon tactics currently used in the online marketing process. Just like a dating site, Linker respects your privacy by not disclosing any of your personal information to potential matches. When Linker finds a suitable match, both parties are asked to confirm the introduction, guaranteeing users are in control over who can contact them.

"Small and mid-sized businesses seek tools that are cost effective, easy to use, save time and eliminate the need for technical gurus on staff," said Mark Hoffman, chairman and CEO of Eightfold Logic. "Today, a staggering 95% of SMBs lack link-building strategies. Linker reduces the link-building process from hours or days to minutes, and matches users with not just one, but dozens of relevant, related sites. It's quantity and quality, combined."

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