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Applied DNA Launches Cashield Inks to Protect Banks, ATMs and Cash-in-Transit

A Safer, More Effective Cash Degradation Ink System Now Approved by the EU

STONY BROOK, NY--(Marketwire - August 26, 2010) -  Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of DNA-based security solutions, announced the launch of a new product line, called Cashield™, which is a family of cash degradation inks that permanently stain bank notes stolen from cash-handling or ATM systems. Cashield extends APDN's offering beyond its prior singular product, AzSure™, to a family of security inks that include Red, Violet, Green, Teal, Indigo and the original AzSure blue. A study at the University of Leeds had previously found AzSure's performance to be "best-in-industry."

APDN also announced that Cashield has been certified for use in the EU by Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais ("LNE"). For the past two years, Applied DNA Sciences has worked with its REACH-compliant (REACH is an EU standard for chemical safety) collaborator, Printcolor Screen AG, based in Switzerland, in the development of this safer and better-performing cash degradation ink.

"The LNE Report substantiates much of our original findings that the AzSure Degradation ink is one of the best systems available on the market. It leaves clearly visible stains after various solvent immersion tests, much stronger than the stains retained by other commercially available staining fluids tested in our laboratory," stated Professor Long Lin, of Leeds University. To qualify for certification by LNE, Cashield had to pass 47 individual ink penetration and wash-out-resistance tests.

First conceptualized to facilitate the penetration of APDN's SigNature DNA into piles of cash, Cashield yields a non-removable stain that allows police and officials to identify stolen cash. When present in Cashield, SigNature DNA allows the police to track the stolen cash to a specific robbery. A novel fluorescent system in Cashield enables the police to screen with a simple hand-held UV light to identify Cashield. The solvent system used in Cashield is safe, non-reactive and provides a stable environment for the colorants and for DNA markers. Studies in the lab and field show that Cashield does not interfere with the polymerization of cyanoacrylate glues,from which DNA is readily recovered.

Peter Paul, Printcolor Screen Ltd, General Manager for Security Inks, stated, "Cashield has set a better and safer standard for cash-in-transit and ATM security worldwide. Our ink maintains a favorable risk and safety profile and meets safety regulations for road, rail, sea, and air transport. Cashield has the safest toxicity profile in the industry."

APDN was recently announced as a winner of the Excellence in Policing Award for its innovative use of DNA Forensic Markers. Dr. James Hayward, CEO of APDN, commented: "Cashield fills a substantial void in cash handling. It eliminates the need for unsafe chemicals, while providing a long-awaited performance for wash-out resistance."

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APDN sells patented DNA security solutions to protect products, brands and intellectual property from counterfeiting and diversion. SigNature DNA is a botanical mark used to authenticate products in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied, and provide a forensic chain of evidence that can be used to prosecute perpetrators. To learn more, go to where APDN routinely posts all press releases.

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