CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - August 26, 2010) -  Datalliance today announced that Dayton Parts and Betts Truck Parts & Service have achieved considerable success with their vendor managed inventory program based on Datalliance VMI. Dayton Parts is a leading supplier of brake, leaf spring, steering and suspension products for class 4 through class 8 commercial and off-road vehicles. Betts Truck Parts & Service is one of the largest heavy duty parts distributors on the West Coast, with eight strategically located warehouse distribution and service centers across California, Arizona, and Oregon. Working collaboratively with Dayton Parts, Betts Truck Parts & Service has seen impressive results: a 34% increase in inventory turns, a 28% reduction in inventory, a 9% Improvement in customer service, and an 80% reduction in branch transfers. 

Sam Stantial, VP of Sales, Dayton Parts, states: "We are always looking for opportunities to improve our relationship with core distributors, expand our product breadth at their locations, and grow sales. After evaluating the potential benefits... we realized VMI was critical to accomplishing our objectives. We saw VMI as a tool to allow us to better collaborate with our distributors and give us a competitive advantage in challenging economic times, as well as during industry growth cycles."

Mike Betts, President, Betts Truck Parts & Service, adds: "The economy has impacted our entire industry, and we are looking for ways to do more with less. Vendor Managed Inventory provides a systematic approach that is consistent, week-to-week, and requires little human intervention to manage the regular order process. We've eliminated the 4-6 hours a week we spent on order preparation, which also eliminates the potential for manual errors. It frees up our people to work more strategically with the Dayton Parts Planners on additional product lines, programs to increase sales, and other opportunities.

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