CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 1, 2010) -, an online marketplace for health comparison shopping, has added supplementary information regarding high risk health insurance pools for consumers in every state.

As parts of health care reform continue to roll out, consumers are looking for their best coverage options within their states. And for people with pre-existing health conditions, reform will bring about new changes to help secure health insurance.

At, consumers can find information regarding health insurance companies, public programs, state insurance departments and now information on their local high risk pools. A consumer looking for Texas health insurance can find all of that information in one place.

"Many consumers are confused about new provisions from reform. is working to provide solutions to the confusion that surrounds reform and how consumers can benefit now," said Mark Colwell, the Consumer Marketing Analyst at

The new high risk pools will provide individuals with pre-existing conditions affordable health insurance coverage. Consumers in the pools will pay around the same amount that healthy individuals pay on the private insurance market.

There are certain criteria that must be met to be eligible for the high risk pools:

  • Individuals must be a United States citizen and citizen within the state they are applying.
  • Enrollees must have been without health insurance for at least six months. This includes COBRA coverage, so if you have had COBRA coverage within the last six months you will not be eligible.
  • Enrollees must also have a pre-existing condition. Some states may require that enrollees provide proof that an insurance company denied coverage.

Many states are already accepting applications for the high risk pools and some states may limit the number of enrollees. If you are eligible for the high risk pools, it is suggested that you apply sooner rather than later.

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