CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 7, 2010) -  Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA ("Practice HORA," announces an open casting for a new Documentary Series TV program.

The emphasis of the Docu-Series:

  • A new spiral of conscious evolution, but in the center of an active modern society
  • Conscious evolution = nature + individual + modern society
  • A live demonstration on how one can apply the new results of Practice HORA in real life
  • The social aspects of Practice HORA for personal future

Candidates are women and men with social ambitions who are:

  • Professionals in their field of business
  • Focused on the future and on strengthening-improving self in business and a career
  • Desiring to be productive, balanced and fulfilled in life to the fullest meaning of these words
  • Skeptics, logical, and with a busy, active life style
  • Able to attend 9 classes per month (3 classes per week) at the Practice HORA Center located in Wheeling, IL.

About 8-12 individuals will be participating in this documentary project.

In Part one ("Practice HORA Through The Eyes Of The Newcomer") selected participants will attend a three month Practice HORA program, 9 classes per month (3 classes per week). Participants will record their observations through interviews, stories and visual results of their optimization by conscious evolution practice.

Participants of the docu-series will see how the Practice HORA Evolutionary-Wellness program is stabilizing, reinvigorates and strengthens their vitality, awakening their instincts and natural-evolutionary stability, regardless of age.

The film will follow the stories of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. An audience will see how the Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA renews the participants' body posture, mind and energy-power. Witness the benefits and practical application of evolutionary ritual and dynamic meditation in businesses, careers, families and relationships.

For more details, qualifications and a documentary series casting application please visit:


About Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA
There are over 20 centers around the world. Founded by Master HORA in the late 1980's.

It is a method that allows one to awaken and constantly support youthfulness. Youth is lightness, feeling alive, vitality, and a clear mind. This will increase and extend productivity. Practice HORA presents a unique natural psycho-physical training system where mind and body develops naturally as one. Through this practice YOU WILL DEVELOP CALMNESS IN ACTIONS THAT CANNOT BE DESTROYED BY STRESS.

Practice HORA is based on the evolutionary-meditative teaching and physical practice developed by Master HORA, and is ideal for today's busy environment. Method HORA is optimization of individual potential, and minimization of damage from aging. Practice HORA is for those who value their time, and require both creative productivity and youthful drive.

Contact Information:

Svetlana Baklanova

US headquarters:
1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Suite 250A
Wheeling IL, 60090