BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  They can cause bunions, corns, calluses and blisters, but despite it all three out of four women will endure these painful foot problems to wear high heels and fashionable boots almost every day. Most women pay for high fashion in more ways than one but the price tag might be more tolerable with the aid of innovative products, like Flexitol Blistop, a blister prevention spray.

When it comes to blisters, most women don't even think about them until after the damage is done. Whether it's wearing patent leather heels on a humid day, running around in rubber rain boots or slipping into sexy stilettos for a night on the town, history shows there will be a blister or two before the day is through.

"Just because it's fashionable doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable. For those situations women should have a product that's quick, easy and will prevent a blister from forming in the first place," says John Swigert, vice president of Eulactol USA and makers of new blister prevention spray, Blistop. "After the blister has formed there's not much you can do except damage control so prevention is key."

Blistop is the first blister prevention spray that works to protect the skin from friction by creating an invisible layer of film when sprayed directly on the foot. Blistop creates a water-resistant, second skin that stays in place, does not rub off or leave a residue in the shoe. The technology is similar to that used in liquid bandages and Blistop is micro-aerated, so it keeps moisture out but still allows the skin to breathe.

"Most women know which shoes are troublemakers," says Swigert. "Using Blistop before you wear the shoes provides fashion freedom without the inevitable suffering."

Other blister prevention methods include solid, rub-on applicators made with vegetable or mineral oil that can be slippery and messy or adhesive bandages that are unsightly and remove easily because of oils from the skin.

Blistop has a patent pending and has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval, recognizing it as a valuable product considered beneficial to foot health. The compact spray fits discreetly in a clutch purse and can be purchased at drug stores (Walgreens or Rite-Aid) or online at: (SRP: $6.99). For more information on Blistop visit:

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