NORWALK, CT--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  Engage121, Inc. (, a software company serving technology solutions to communications professionals, today announced the launch of its social media software edition called Engage121: Enterprise.

The "Enterprise" edition was designed specifically for national enterprises or brands with local sales outlets such as franchises, retail chains, dealerships, direct sellers, branch offices, and field agents. The new edition offers unprecedented components to listen, engage, and evaluate all communications across multiple social media networks and blogs in one integrated application. 

The Engage121 application listens to numerous social media networks and more than 200,000 blogs, as well as traditional news media. More importantly, Engage121 clients can engage immediately any individual identified from within the social media platforms or blogs that the application monitors. All activity in the application is tracked and measured to evaluate results. Presently, the Engage121 application integrates twelve leading social media networks and tools and can be customized to include additional platforms to meet client demand.

"Users of Engage121 can engage, praise, appease or resolve an individual's comment, as soon as the comment is discovered on any of these social media platforms and blogs, to quickly protect and nurture a brand's reputation," said Jon Victor, CEO of Engage121.

The Enterprise edition includes the unique ability to localize outbound messages from the client's headquarters, through the local sales outlets, to reach local consumers. This "Speak Local" feature allows all social media messages, including discounts, incentives, news, contests, polls, and social initiatives to include the unique street address, manager's name and other location-specific information for each outlet across the enterprise.

"Clients can send a localized message from the corporate office directly to their outlets' customers, driving storefront awareness and foot traffic in any zip code, state, region or the entire country," Jon Victor said. 

"This level of local, social media engagement across so many platforms is unmatched in the marketplace today," Mr. Victor added.

The Engage 121 application was designed to deliver tangible business solutions including but not limited to: distribute localized coupons; develop promotions tied to local events; find and solve customer complaints faster; create an online customer loyalty program; survey customers for product improvement ideas; ensure consistent messaging across the enterprise; attract prospective franchisees; and increase the volume of website and blog visits, as well as fans, friends and followers. 

For more than ten years, Engage121 has provided communication services to hundreds of national franchisors, dealerships and direct sellers. With that decade of experience, the company developed a single social media application tailored for the unique communications needs of a national enterprise or brand with hundreds of sales locations. The "Enterprise" edition is the first of four social media applications being deployed by Engage121.

About Engage121

It's not enough just to monitor and chart social media. The participatory nature of social media makes it important to engage people on a one-to-one basis. We're proud that Engage121 is a leading social media application that enables immediate engagement with any individual or group, along with robust monitoring and measurement capabilities. Engage121 Inc, formerly eNR Services, is the creative force behind the Engage121 social media application. The company continues to provide other, highly regarded communications tools: Grassroots PR, MediaQ, MatchPoint and AP Planner, and counts more than 2,000 industry-leading companies as valued clients.

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