SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  Teranetics, the leading provider of 10GBASE-T physical layer solutions, today announced that it has begun sampling its new 40nm TN8000 family of PHYs to existing and prospective customers. The TN8000 family is the industry's highest-performing 10GBASE-T PHY, and it is available in single, dual and quad-port configurations.

"Teranetics is the leading supplier of 10GBASE-T PHYs and the high demand for samples of its new 40nm should enable the company to maintain a leading position," said Jag Bolaria, Senior Analyst at the Linley Group.

Teranetics broke new ground when it started shipping its 65nm TN2000 family of PHYs 18 months ago. The TN2000 family of products has been designed into more than ten platforms that are in production and accounts for more than 80% of the volume of 10GBASE-T PHYs shipped to date.

The new TN8000 series delivers higher performance and is easier to use. Among the industry-leading features of the TN8000 are:

  • EMI Performance -- 40nm TN8000 PHY architecture significantly enhances the RFI cancellation capability already proven in the 65nm TN2000 PHY, which has already demonstrated industry leading performance by passing IEC61000 at 10V/m.
  • Power Dissipation -- The TN8000 PHY dissipates just 3.5W at an IEEE-standard 100 meters, making it the greenest PHY solution for servers and switches.
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) -- Further reduces overall system energy consumption by continuously monitoring traffic flow and going into low power idle when there is no traffic. The TN8000 PHYs support the EEE draft standard and can automatically transition in and out of low-power idle mode without any packet drops even when used with legacy MACs that are not yet EEE-enabled.
  • Reach -- 40nm TN8000 PHY exceeds the current 65nm performance that already meets the stringent requirement of the IEEE spec. For most cables, this will translate to cable lengths that go well beyond 100m.
  • Design Productivity -- The TN8000 series PHYs feature integrated filtering and minimize external components to deliver the industry's lowest BOM for 10GBASE-T ports.
  • MACSec Network Security -- The TN8000 PHY embeds a Layer-2 MACSec core to provide 802.1AE compliant link level security to meet IPv6 security requirements.
  • Compatibility -- The TN8000's single and dual-port designs are pin-compatible with the previous generation TN2000, making it easy for customers to upgrade to lower-power, higher-performance products.

"Our ability to ship a next-generation 40nm PHY with such outstanding features and performance in such a short timeframe is a testament to the stability of Teranetics' design and the ability of our team," said Nersi Nazari, president and CEO of Teranetics. "We are the leaders in 10GBASE-T PHY and the 40nm product shows that we intend to remain in that position."

For more information about sampling the TN8000 family of products, please contact Haithuy Nguyen at

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