SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2010) -  Opanga Networks, the industry's leading innovator of pragmatic video optimization solutions that efficiently pre-position high-quality content to mobile devices, today announced the availability of NetRover™ Mobile, an innovative wireless video delivery optimization solution that directly addresses the capacity issues created by unprecedented demand for web video applications. NetRover Mobile offers wireless operators and media companies an innovative solution for managing video traffic on their networks while enabling a far superior and consistent video experience for the end consumer.

"As demand for mobile broadband data explodes, service providers need new ways to generate revenues without using up all their bandwidth," said Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst with In-Stat, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. "Opanga's approach pre-positions popular content out onto mobile devices when the network is quiet, and provides opportunities to create new services that will bring in new revenues from existing infrastructure. It's a win-win-win for the industry, service providers and for consumers."

NetRover Mobile utilizes content pre-positioning, an exciting new approach to video delivery that has been gaining attention from wireless operators and content owners. The technique, unlike timeshifting or trickling, actively seeks surplus network capacity and transparently pre-positions content in real time to a wireless device without causing the network congestion or degradation typical of other streaming video applications. As a result, consumers get a far superior playback experience that leverages the high quality video components and displays in today's smartphone devices. The video never freezes and since the content is pre-positioned in the device, consumers can enjoy their content when offline.

NetRover Mobile offers wireless operators several unique benefits, including providing them with the ability to monetize surplus capacity that was previously impossible. NetRover Mobile's content pre-positioning technique helps operators cost-effectively scale high quality premium video services over their existing networks without deploying substantial new capital. In addition, it provides media companies with a scalable, cost-efficient way to deliver a consistent video experience that consumers are willing to pay for and that protects their brand with high-quality video playback.

"Streaming has long been the core technology for delivering video over wireless networks, but this approach is not sustainable as it causes significant network degradation and poor quality of experience. In fact, we think that streaming video and wireless are a fundamental mismatch," said Dave Gibbons, CEO and co-founder, Opanga Networks. "This realization was the catalyst for creating NetRover Mobile and today we are excited to bring to market a sustainable, scalable and network-friendly video delivery optimization technology that does not degrade the network or require additional investment to build new capacity."

NetRover Mobile is based on Opanga's innovative NetRover platform, which leverages patented adaptive bandwidth management technologies for a more efficient use of existing network assets. High-quality video files managed by NetRover move across the network transparently without any degrading effects to the network performance or negative consumer experience.

Opanga will be showcasing its NetRover products at CTIA Enterprise & Applications on Oct. 5-8 at booth #755.

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Opanga Networks is the leading innovator of pragmatic video optimization solutions that convert surplus network capacity in real time to efficiently pre-position high-quality content to any device. Opanga's NetRover™ solutions are based on its patented adaptive bandwidth management technologies that enable content pre-positioning for a superior playback experience without causing the network congestion or degradation typical of other video applications. NetRover enables network operators to leverage existing network assets and create highly efficient and scalable video delivery services that offer an appealing viewing option for consumers. Content owners can develop media-rich apps to extend their reach and protect their brand experience and help relieve network burden. The privately held company is headquartered in Seattle, WA with engineering teams in Redmond, WA and Monterrey, Mexico. For more information, please visit, our Pragmatic Innovator blog at or email

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