PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2010) - Criteo, the global leader in pay-per-click (PPC) retargeting, today announced that e-commerce advertisers can for the first time take complete control of their performance display campaigns. The Criteo Performance Optimization Platform provides display advertisers and agencies the ability to define their retargeting campaign cost-per-click (CPC), down to the category level. The platform's industry-first self-service CPC bidding capabilities drive unprecedented ROI via a real-time bidding interface and product-specific granularity.

Criteo's Performance Optimization Platform introduces unmatched flexibility and self-service functionality to the performance display space, similar to that of paid search. These new advancements put advertisers and agencies in the driver's seat with 24/7 access to fine-tune their retargeting campaign through easy-to-use features, including an online automated CPC bidding tool and enhanced reporting dashboard. As a result, advertisers are able to drive greater revenue through display ad campaigns than ever before.

The CPC bidding tool includes break-through CPC bidding by category, allowing advertisers to:

  • Create customized product categories, based on client-specific criteria;
  • Define the optimal CPC per product category based on internal margins and goals;
  • Optimize their cost-of-sales per product category to improve overall campaign ROI.

"In recent years, there has been a fundamental shift across industries to self-service technologies. With the introduction of Google AdWords, advertisers experienced the benefits from having visibility and control of search campaigns but had not yet had this control in the display space," said Greg Coleman, president of the Huffington Post. "Criteo's new platform marks an important development for display advertising, solving one of this tactic's biggest shortcomings -- inflexibility. Criteo now provides advertisers complete control over all components of their retargeting display campaigns."

Criteo's Performance Optimization Platform features:

  • Real-Time CPC Bidding - CPC can be set and modified online 24/7 to immediately affect campaign performance, providing total campaign control.

  • CPC Bidding by Category - Advertisers can adjust CPC for each customized product category, allowing them to monitor cost-of-sales by category.

  • Customized Category Management - Advertisers can define customized product categories based on client-specific criteria.

  • Acquisition Funnel Management - Advertisers can create differentiated campaigns (with specific CPCs) based on where customers are in the acquisition funnel: cold prospects, hot prospects, first time buyers, repeat buyers.

  • Enhanced Reporting Dashboard - Advertisers can monitor real-time campaign results to see how each CPC bid is affecting specific category and overall campaign performance.

  • Budget Renewal Tool - Advertisers can monitor and replenish campaign budget as needed in order to keep campaigns running smoothly.

"This is a historic day. For the first time, online display advertisers have access to the same level of flexibility, control and performance as they do in search," said JB Rudelle, CEO and co-founder of Criteo. "The Performance Optimization Platform was the next logical move for us after bringing CPC personalized retargeting to the market. Criteo's new self-service platform empowers our more than 700 clients to fully control their ROI down to the product level."

Criteo's performance-driven, PPC retargeting solution delivers the scale required to cost-effectively win back lost prospects by creating the most personalized, retargeted display advertisement for each individual site visitor. Under Criteo's CPC model, clients pay only for clicks that bring shoppers back to their sites. Because Criteo calculates success using only "post-click" rather than "view-through" conversions, clients are delivered true ROI. Criteo's Performance Optimization Platform brings campaign control and results to a new level never experienced before in the display advertising world.

About Criteo
Criteo is the global leader in scalable personalized retargeting. Criteo enables e-commerce companies to re-engage with website visitors who have left their site via retargeted personalized display ads. These ads are dynamically generated on-the-fly with product recommendations based on the visitor's product-viewing history. Criteo's turnkey solution is a "one-stop-shop" for ad campaign deployment, including: personalized banner design, media planning, ad serving, campaign optimization and real-time reporting. Criteo's service is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, therefore clients pay only when prospects click-through and return to their website, creating a low-risk, high return value proposition. Criteo displays billions of uniquely personalized retargeted banners each month and works with more than 700 of the top worldwide e-commerce companies. For more information, please visit

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