NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 22, 2010) -  Adknowledge, the largest privately-owned online ad network, announced today that Cypra Media, a full service provider of email delivery services to Internet marketers and publishers, has integrated its 'Adstation for Email' into the CypraCommunicator platform, providing list owners automatic delivery of highly targeted offers to their subscribers, increasing list efficiency and maximizing ROI.

The solution combines Cypra's mail platform 'CypraCommunicator' with Adknowledge's proprietary ad targeting API (Application Programming Interface) to match the best ads from Adknowledge's 6,500+ offers to each user, creating the most relevant consumer experience and ensuring the greatest revenue yield.

"More and more of our email clients are looking for advertising solutions to help reduce overhead and improve their bottom line. By integrating 'Adstation for Email,' we have enabled our list owners from a variety of verticals including entertainment and finance to experience yields that go beyond traditional solutions and eCPMs that surpass industry averages. At the same time, our publishers are able to maintain control of their data and determine the frequency of their ad delivery, which is important to many of our clients in maintaining the integrity of their brand," said Mark Berger, Marketing Director at Cypra. 

Email marketing has quickly become one of the most influential forms of marketing and advertising. By creating a comprehensive, automated solution, Adknowledge and Cypra are enabling email marketers to generate new sustainable revenue streams. "Literally, at the push of a button, Cypra's clients can access highly effective campaigns that will drive revenue straight to their bottom line," explained Bill Intrater, Adknowledge VP of Strategic Alliances. "There's no set-up required, it's fully automated, and the users maintain their privacy as the targeting is based on completely anonymous user profiles."

About Cypra Media Inc.:
Cypra Media Inc. is a private company based in Montreal, Canada. Its email services group offers email delivery services pre-packaged to ensure that appropriate whitelisting, certifications, email monitoring and targeting are easily available to its users. Cypra's email services offerings include both hosted and "semi-hosted" email delivery solutions along with world-class creative services to support email, landing page, and registration process development. In support of these services, Cypra Media offers deliverability and certification consulting, along with client training and complete website and data-management integration. At the core of Cypra Media is its proprietary mail transfer agent and the powerful email data and campaign management tool, CypraCommunicator. This powerful online tool is a comprehensive control panel that allows Cypra clients to prepare, schedule, check, launch and analyze email delivery campaigns. For more information, please visit

About Adknowledge Inc.:
Adknowledge operates the 5th largest advertiser marketplace at We help advertisers to connect with their target audiences in hard-to-reach places on the web outside of traditional search and display channels. Since its founding in 2004, Adknowledge has grown organically and through acquisitions (including Miva, Super Rewards and Hydra) to become the largest privately-owned internet advertising network, with over 300 employees and $300 million in revenue.

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