DANVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - September 23, 2010) -  MarketRiders, Inc. (www.marketriders.com), an online investment services company, today announced that co-founders Mitch Tuchman and Steve Beck have been selected as regular contributors to U.S. News' Smarter Investor blog. The new section of the U.S. News Money website launches this week and will include posts with real life investing advice on such topics as portfolio management, ETFs and long term retirement strategies from the MarketRiders team and a mix of other financial experts.

The MarketRiders U.S. News Money weekly contributions will focus on topics related to portfolio management reflecting Tuchman's and Beck's financial philosophy -- smart investing for the long term, benefits of keeping fees low, how everyday investors can learn from the strategies of the very wealthy as well as commenting on financial issues that are right out of today's headlines. 

"We have been writing about investing and retirement planning strategies since we started MarketRiders over 18 months ago and enjoy communicating these really important ideas with a good dose of attitude," said Mitch Tuchman, CEO, MarketRiders. "When we discuss ETFs, low fees, diversification and rebalancing we aim to do it with an angle that is surprising yet informative. We are delighted to share this important information all wrapped up in our distinct style with the extensive U.S. News audience."

"We're incredibly excited to have MarketRiders contributing to U.S. News' The Smarter Investor blog," said Kirk Shinkle, Senior Editor for the U.S. News Money section. "Their unique take on investing will be great addition to our ongoing commitment to provide our audience the best tools and educational resources to navigate important financial decisions."

MarketRiders' contributions to the U.S. News Money section will be published weekly and their content as well as the material offered by the other investment advisors may also be published on AOL and Yahoo Finance among other such sites. You can access the new Smarter Money section here (http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/the-smarter-mutual-fund-investor).

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About MarketRiders

MarketRiders provides investors with online portfolio management services to implement a sophisticated asset allocation strategy used by the wealthiest families and elite institutions. By creating a globally diversified portfolio, keeping investment costs low through the use of ETFs and rebalancing portfolios as markets ebb and flow, MarketRiders customers can generate superior retirement returns without trying to beat the market or pick stocks. MarketRiders sends investors alerts with specifics when it's time to rebalance. The software has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, USA Today, New York Times, and Forbes among others, and was named one of the eight Fast Company 2009 Innovative Financial Companies to Watch. CEO Mitch Tuchman has appeared on CNN, CNBC and Fox. For more information, visit www.marketriders.com.

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