MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - September 27, 2010) - Stratus Technologies announced today that the Stratus® Avance® software is the first and, at present, only certified High Availability solution offered under the Intel Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance (ESAA) program. Using Avance software, ESAA OEM and channel partners can build server platforms with uptime reliability superior to clusters using pre-tested solutions on Intel server products. Currently, Avance software is certified for use with S5520HC and S5520UR server configuration recipes.

"Intel welcomes Stratus to the Intel® ESAA program. We are excited to have them join us with their High Availability technologies that provide competitive benefits to our ISVs and VARs," said David Brown, Intel EPSD marketing manager. "Reliable, affordable uptime products that are easy-to-use will help our worldwide reseller channel partners differentiate themselves in an intensively competitive marketplace."

Intel® Enabled Solutions Acceleration Alliance (Intel ESAA) is a collaborative program that allows Intel OEM and channel partners to quickly deliver validated solutions to their customers, based on Intel server, workstation and desktop products.

Avance software creates a high-availability computing platform from two general-purpose Intel processor-based x86 servers. The platform supports off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications running concurrently. Highly automated and designed for ease of use and management, Avance software automatically detects, isolates and handles faults before they can disrupt processing or cause an outage. This self-managing, high-availability software includes a web-based management console for remote monitoring and management of servers, VMs, and network interfaces. Resellers may partner with Stratus to offer pro-active customer service that complements their solutions, or they can rely on Stratus to provide direct-to-user services.

"The Intel reseller channel has been very receptive to Avance, and Intel has shown a true commitment to helping introduce Stratus' software for uptime assurance to ESAA program members," said Nelson Hsu, senior director of the Avance product line at Stratus. "Intel server products pre-configured with Avance give the reseller channel a powerful and superior solution to put up against their competitors, who primarily deliver server clusters for uptime, along with the cost and complexity that go with them."

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