MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - September 27, 2010) - (Family Features) It's never too late to equip a college student with a little something extra to help him or her power through the semester. Here are three technology must-haves for the college student in your life:

Stay in Touch. Staying in touch with friends and family is essential. Books, tuition, and dorm room décor add up fast -- so the Motorola Rambler is perfect for students on a budget that want to save some dough (especially while revving up for the holiday shopping season) and still have it all with IM, texting, Web, camera, GPS and more.

  • Rambler packs functionality and features -- like IM-style threaded messaging (so you can read a trail of text messages while you type), Web browsing, camera and video -- at an affordable price on the reliable Boost Mobile network
  • The latest flip-out device with full QWERTY keypad and enhanced messaging features, Rambler lets you juggle your daily communications in style
  • For $99.99 (with no contract or credit checks), Rambler is an affordable and stylish way to keep in touch with your crew. For more information, visit www.motorola.com.

Save and Share Files. A flash (or thumb) drive is a handy way to store and share notes, papers and presentations. These portable USB plug-ins make it easy to bring files to the library for printing, storing data for use in the computer lab or bringing a presentation to class. Look for one that has at least 2 GB of memory. Some can be carried on a key ring, to make things even easier.

Listen Up. Whether it's the latest music or the latest podcast of a class lecture, upgrade the listening experience with good-quality earphones. Look for lightweight in-ear headphones with a wide frequency range and easy to access volume control. Another feature to consider is noise blocking technology, which maximizes the quality of what's being listened to and minimizes the distractions of extraneous noises.