PARSIPPANY, NJ--(Marketwire - September 30, 2010) - Companies across all industries are turning to contingent, or contract, labor to control costs without compromising performance, productivity or profits. CyberShift, a global provider of workforce management and expense management software and services, today offered advice to help companies optimize their contingent workforce spending with the release of its newest complimentary white paper, "Contingent Labor: Automated End-to-End Workforce Management Leverages Non-traditional Staffing Alternatives."

The role of the contingent worker has shifted. Historically, contingent labor consisted mainly of temporary or part-time workers augmenting the workforce during peak production or increased seasonal activity periods. Today, these workers have expanded well beyond traditional supplemental roles to provide organizations with a large, skilled talent pool and an expanded knowledge base. The CyberShift white paper examines the opportunities and challenges associated with contingent labor usage and details how companies can proactively manage this growing workforce segment to drive cost savings and mitigate compliance risk.

With the use of contingent workers, companies are able to leverage a combination of in-house and outsourced labor for defined projects and objectives, enabling a more cost-effective and agile approach to changing business needs. Since contingent labor typically does not add benefits or retirement costs to a company's labor expense, the result can yield significant cost savings. Additional advantages for companies using contingent workers include augmenting knowledge gaps on a short- or long-term basis; addressing seasonal or project demand fluctuations; and allowing for an evaluation of performance, company fit, work ethic and other factors before hiring a worker permanently.

"With about 26 percent of the U.S. workforce in jobs that in one way or another are considered 'nonstandard,'1 it is evident that contingent labor is becoming increasingly important to successful business operations," commented Morné P. Swart, vice president of product management, CyberShift, Inc. "This growth in contingent labor use means corporate staffing and HR departments are challenged to play a larger role in workforce optimization. How to manage contingent labor processes such as sourcing and vendor management, efficient scheduling and compliance risk reduction, as well as how to maintain the corporate culture with non-traditional employees, are all new challenges to consider in workforce planning."

As outlined in the white paper, an automated contingent labor management system can help companies minimize administrative overhead by integrating the sourcing and requisition matching required to find the "best fit" candidates. Automated solutions enable companies to keep accurate track of contingent labor forecasting, scheduling and deployment, resulting in the optimum workforce selection to meet business objectives at the lowest possible cost. By integrating scheduling, time and attendance and analytics components, automated systems deliver the best results for managing the complex contingent labor demands.

"Designed to provide flexible tools for both employers and contingent workers, CyberShift's new offering -- Contingent Labor Management Solution™ module (CLMS) -- helps companies integrate and manage contingent and non-traditional employees to meet changing work requirements. Secure, real-time access to enterprise-class applications for time capture and other business processes help contingent workers perform productively and effectively, while adhering to corporate policies and standards," added Swart.

CyberShift CLMS also includes vendor management capabilities that match client requisition needs with vendor-supplied talent pools. This best-in-class solution helps organizations integrate and manage contingent and non-traditional employees by supporting time and attendance, record keeping and efficient employee scheduling. Delivered as a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on-demand solution or through an in-house license fee, CyberShift CLMS can be implemented quickly, to maximize your return on investment.

To assist companies with their contingent labor management challenges, CyberShift has made its complimentary contingent labor white paper available for download at For additional information about CyberShift, please contact: 1.877.274.4381 or email

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1 The Rise of the Temporary Permanent Workforce, by Peter Coy, Michelle Conlin & Moira Herbst, Bloomberg Businessweek, January 10, 2010.