TOKYO--(Marketwire - September 30, 2010) - At the meeting of the Board of Directors today, ANA has decided to change 15 of its current orders for the Boeing 787-8 aircraft to the 787-9 model. ANA currently has a total of 55 orders for the Dreamliner.

The 787-9 aircraft is an extended body version of the 787-8 model, appropriate for short, mid-haul and long-haul international routes. The model will also meet the increasing need for 400 seat-capacity aircraft for domestic routes, and will further improve the flexibility of our fleet and network planning. Furthermore, like the 787-8 model, it is a highly fuel efficient aircraft which will enable ANA to reduce operating costs and carbon dioxide emission. 

Aircraft Specifications

  B787-8 B787-9
Total Length 56.7 meters 62.8 meters
Total Height 16.5 meters
Total Width 60.2 meters
Passenger Cabin Width (*1) 5.2 meters
No. of Seats (configuration proposed by ANA) Approx. 300 seats (domestic route configuration) Approx. 400 seats (domestic route configurations)
 Cargo Room Capacity Approx. 16 tons Approx. 20 tons
Equipped Engine Rolls-Royce manufactured Trent1000
Cruising Speed M0.85
Cruising Distance (*2) Approx. 11,000km (Japan-west coast of U.S.A)
Maximum Operation Altitude Approx. 13,000 meters

(*1) Width of passenger cabin at approximately 1.3m (shoulder height) from the floor of the passenger cabin

(*2) Cruising distance is the possible flight distance when loaded to maximum capacity (full seats and maximum amount of cargo loaded) on international aircraft type flying from Narita Airport.

Contact Information:

ANA Public Relations
TEL +81-3-6735-1111