SOUTHBURY, CT--(Marketwire - September 30, 2010) -  College graduates entering the working world today are experiencing one of the worst job markets in modern history. Through our culture and traditional education system, we're told early on to work hard in school, get good grades and find THE good job, say the business coaches from The Entrepreneur's Source (TES); we need more programs in place that teach our young people how they can create a great career and benefit financially by becoming an entrepreneur.

"We should be embracing these young idealistic thinkers who want to contribute to the world and build financial security," says Brian Miller, COO and president of The Entrepreneur's Source. "Corporations flourish because of young people's ideas and contributions. Why not help them understand at an early age how they can benefit directly from their hard work and dedication as a business owner?" Miller adds.

With overall jobless rates for Americans ages 20-24 at 15.3 percent, it's time to change the way we think about business ownership careers for our young people, says Miller. The learning process is steeper for younger people, but with options like franchising, the time-tested operations of these systems work in their favor. Franchises have pre-defined strategic direction and operations manuals for all franchisees. They encourage an entrepreneurial spirit while also establishing guidelines for success in the system. Guidelines that are critically important for those 'green' to the business world.

Business coaches with TES specialize in helping individuals explore whether business ownership is a viable career alternative. "There are more and more entrepreneurial programs in our colleges today -- a good sign of the times," says Miller. "Why not! There are many great examples of young entrepreneurs creating success with hard work and a solid vision. Bill Gates comes automatically to mind," Miller adds.

TES business coaches also help existing franchised businesses increase their profits through implementing various rapid impact strategies offering guidance on sales management, market and business planning, exiting a business or expanding operations, all with the ultimate goal of helping business owners achieve tangible, long-lasting success.

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