NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 4, 2010) -  10gen, the company behind the open source MongoDB project, today announced MongoSV, a full-day event dedicated to the high-performance "NoSQL" document-oriented database. This is the tenth conference 10gen has organized on MongoDB, and will be the largest MongoDB event of the year. The three-track conference will be held at the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA on December 3rd and will feature 30 sessions covering a broad variety of topics. 10gen expects over 300 CTOs, developers, and database administrators at the event.

The main conference track will be led by the 10gen engineers working on the database, and is intended to provide a broad overview of development with MongoDB. These sessions will cover schema design, indexing, administration, deployment strategies, scaling, and other features. For those well-versed in using the technology, there will be a breakout space with a series of advanced talks on internals, replication, and sharding.

"As web, SaaS and enterprise companies rapidly adopt MongoDB, 10gen is drawing hundreds of developers to our events. MongoSV will be the main conference for 2010, demonstrating the key features of MongoDB with introductory and advanced sessions," said Dwight Merriman, CEO and Co-Founder of 10gen. "We are thrilled with the lineup of speakers, who will highlight several real world, large-scale deployments at companies like Craigslist, Shutterfly, Intuit, and IGN."

An entire conference track will be dedicated to presentations from high-profile companies using the database in production. These production users will present on their experiences utilizing MongoDB for scaling, analytics, logging, and gaming.

"MongoDB is one of the leading up-and-coming document databases, and for good reason. With built-in replica sets and sharding, MongoDB is able to survive machine failures and scale without downtime -- both requirements for handling Internet-scale data sets in production environments," said Jeremy Zawodny of Craigslist. "I'm looking forward to MongoSV to share our story and learn about how other companies are using MongoDB to solve interesting problems."

MongoDB is an open source, high performance, non-relational database. It is the leading technology in the NoSQL space. Downloads of the database exceeded 80,000 in the month of September. Adoption of the database is also evidenced by sold-out conferences in San Francisco, New York City, London, Paris, Seattle, Boston, and Berlin with aggregate attendance of over 1,200 people.

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10gen develops MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the database. The focus of the MongoDB project is to combine the best traits of the non-relational or "NoSQL" model, including high scalability, performance, and ease of development, with important features common in traditional databases, such as dynamic queries and indexes. 10gen is funded by Union Square Ventures and Flybridge Capital Partners. For more information, visit or

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