PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - October 7, 2010) -  Today Thuuz, a free online service which helps sports enthusiasts track the excitement levels in sports, announced that it will be analyzing excitement during the 2010 MLB Postseason. Fans will receive alerts to make sure they don't miss out on the action of the most exciting games of the postseason. In preparation for launching baseball coverage, Thuuz looked at the excitement levels of all 30 MLB teams throughout the 2010 season and found that the Kansas City Royals, despite a losing record, were involved in the most exciting games of the season, and that the Cincinnati Reds are the most exciting team participating in the postseason.

Thuuz's set of proprietary algorithms look at over 85 discrete events that can occur with each at-bat during a baseball game, from the typical (outs, hits and runs) to the unusual (balks, passed balls and triple plays). Each of these events has an impact on the overall excitement rating of the game and takes into account the specific situation (inning, score, base runners and outs) at the time the event occurred. Thuuz uses this to determine an excitement score for the game on a scale of 0-100, and then notifies users if the game is exciting, telling them the exact point they should watch the game from to catch all the excitement.

Thuuz also tracked the most exciting teams during the 2010 MLB season, and they are as follows: Royals, Reds, Red Sox, Orioles, and the D'Backs. Playoff-bound teams ranked on the excitement scale in the following order: Reds, Braves, Rangers, Rays, Giants, Twins, Phillies, and the Yankees.

"Baseball is a tense, complex game where excitement can come in several different forms," said Thuuz co-founder and CEO Warren Packard. "We built Thuuz to take a myriad of different aspects into account, so it can recognize the nuance and subtleties that make the game exciting. For baseball fans, there's no better time than the playoffs, so we wanted to make sure that they didn't miss out on any of the excitement."

Thuuz alerts sports fans and enthusiasts to the most exciting games and matches in the NFL and NCAA football, the NBA and NCAA basketball, MLB and international soccer, so that they can be thoroughly entertained by the best that sports has to offer. With the tremendous growth in the selection of real-time and time-shifted sports content, a service like Thuuz is a perfect way to keep informed of the most riveting action of the day, without revealing any scores or game details.

Thuuz knows which games to watch and when during the game it's the best time to start watching. Fans are alerted via text, email or on Thuuz's website, so they can experience all the suspense and excitement of the best sports action of the day, rather than simply watching highlights.

Individuals who create a free account at can sign up for real time e-mail and text alerts that inform users of the most exciting games of each day and at which point the action heats up. No other information about the games is communicated, so as to let each individual experience all the excitement of the games for themselves.

Note for journalists and bloggers: During the playoffs, Thuuz will be releasing data measuring the excitement levels of particular games and teams. There is also data available from the 2010 MLB season comparing teams, leagues and divisions, and ranking the best games of the year. For more information and to be included in these updates, please send email to

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Thuuz is a free online service which helps sports fans track the excitement levels of games in real-time to make sure they never miss out on the best action of the day. Thuuz creates excitement scores on a scale of 1-100 based on a sophisticated set of algorithms that continuously process play-by-play data and alert users by text, e-mail and on Thuuz's website when games get exciting. Thuuz is based in Palo Alto, Calif. Visit Thuuz at

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