BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - October 7, 2010) -  Cascade Microtech, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCD) today announced new programs to drive down ownership costs and provide customers with increased access to experts in probe technology. In a global response to market requirements to reduce the cost-of-ownership while at the same time meeting the ever-demanding complex probing challenges, Cascade Microtech is implementing three new programs.

Reduce probe costs by ordering direct
In response to cost-of-test pressures on our global customers, Cascade Microtech is reducing the cost-of-ownership by implementing a direct sales channel for purchasing engineering probes and various accessories. Customers will be able to buy our probes at the same global price from any of our worldwide locations. In addition, the same global price model will apply to impedance standard substrates and any probe accessories including RF cables, WinCal™, positioners and adapters if ordered at the same time as probes.

Protect your probe inventory investment with new repair program
Cascade Microtech recently launched its new probe repair program to help customers extend the life of their probe inventory and help lower the cost-of-ownership with fixed prices for Air Coplanar Probe® (ACP) and Infinity Probe® repairs. All probes will be repaired to meet original specifications. Simply contact a Cascade Microtech probe expert directly.

Connect directly with regional technical experts
Cascade Microtech technical application probe experts are available at all worldwide offices to ensure our customers receive the best probe to fit their application. Cascade Microtech offers more than 50 different RF analytical probe models with hundreds of possible configurations for wafer-, package-, and board-level measurement needs. Cascade Microtech's industry-leading probe families include; Infinity Probes®, Air Coplanar® probes and |Z| Probes® which cover a wide range of applications and technology requirements from characterization and modeling to design debug. In addition, multi-contact probes such as Unity, Multi-|Z| Probe®, and Eye-Pass® probes cover mixed-signal measurement needs such as RFIC test, MMIC characterization and other complex designs. Cascade Microtech technical application experts can design probes to meet nearly any criteria, whether using standardized products or designing a custom probe to specifically address a unique application.

"By establishing a more direct relationship, the sales, applications and marketing teams at our worldwide locations will become even closer to our customers," said Michael Burger, president and CEO, "Our new engagement model will bring a better understanding of customer requirements to the Cascade Microtech team while in turn providing our customers improved service and significant improvements in probe cost-of-ownership."

Terms and conditions for all new probe programs can be found on the Cascade Microtech website.

About Cascade Microtech, Inc.
Cascade Microtech, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCD) is a worldwide leader in the precise electrical and mechanical measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs) and other small structures. For technology businesses and scientific institutions that need to evaluate small structures, Cascade Microtech delivers access to electrical data from wafers, ICs, IC packages, circuit boards and modules, MEMS, 3D TSV, LED devices and more. Cascade Microtech's leading-edge semiconductor production test products include unique probe cards and test sockets that reduce manufacturing costs of high-speed and high-density semiconductor chips. For more information visit