LISLE, IL--(Marketwire - October 7, 2010) -  VisTracks™ (, a leading provider of platform as a service (PaaS) technology for Position and Movement Analytics solutions, announced today that they have entered into an agreement to offer the VisTracks Platform to ClearConnex developers and customers as part of the ClearComm software platform. The alliance eliminates a step in aggregating technologies and shortens time to market for software solutions. The combined platforms will help developers to rapidly create advanced machine to machine (M2M) software solutions that extract value from position and movement data in real time. VisTracks is uniquely aligned with the ClearConnex mission to build high-value embedded wireless communication products. 

"It is one thing to deliver a mobile software application, but quite another to accelerate time to market by 50% or more," said Ryan Rangel, Chief Technology Officer for ClearConnex. "By integrating VisTracks with ClearConnex technologies, the resulting platform enables a new broad class of intelligent application with real-time location and movement analytics that can predict outcomes to capitalize on opportunities."

The VisTracks platform will enable ClearConnex developers to compute statistics about location, movement, and other attributes pertaining to an asset, resource or person. Solution developers will be able to implement real-time predictive analytics capability on streaming data across both hardware and software implementations in M2M applications. The combined horizontal VisTracks and ClearComm platform supports a variety of vertical industries helping customers achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness as they deploy advanced M2M solutions and add value and competitive advantage for their customers.

"The open cloud-and-client architecture of the VisTracks platform is uniquely suited to the type of hardware-agnostic solution that can be created with the ClearConnex framework," said Andrew Stein, COO and EVP of Marketing. "We are excited about the increasing demand for Position and Movement Analytics as a key differentiator in modern mobile and M2M software solutions."

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About VisTracks
VisTracks ( provides a cloud-based Position and Movement Analytics™ platform for solutions providers and partners who need to develop software to sense, record, react, analyze, predict and visualize real-time, and ongoing location-specific data streams. The VisTracks system is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that provides programmable web services for advanced statistics, tracking, rules-based notification and visualizing spatially relevant analysis of data. Unlike alternatives, the VisTracks platform creates business value out of a new class of data by enabling rapid creation and deployment of solutions through an API framework in a cloud-based platform and SDK.

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