SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2010) -  Today's celebrities are not only on the big screen but the small one as well, including the computer and cell phone, making them digital phenomenons. Whether on their own personal blogs, Facebook or Twitter, celebrities have fans across the world. Now, with today's launch of, anyone can easily search for their favorite celebrity with Twitter accounts, and have their Tweets translated to their language of choice. 

Powered by Xiha (, the world's first truly multilingual and multicultural social toolbox, uses the embedded Xiha translation function to automatically allow users to read Tweets in more than 50 different languages. A fan in Paris can read about their favorite U.S.-based celebrity, as the celebrity's Tweets can be translated into French. Celebrities can also read user comments in any language as well, so if a user leaves a comment in Chinese, a celebrity can read it in English and communicate back to that user in Chinese. With, celebrities can vastly broaden their Twitter audience to an international stage that they were unable to do before.

" brings the popular aspects of Twitter to a new international platform," said Jani Penttinen, CEO of Xiha. "Through the Xiha technology, users from around the globe can follow some of today's biggest stars in a language they understand with just a simple click. It's just that easy." 

Twitter is currently the quickest social media outlet to connect to a large base of people. is carrying on in that same tradition by using the fastest embedded translation tools with Xiha. Each celebrity page includes:

  • Picture
  • Biography
  • Latest Tweets
  • Section for user comments

Celebrities can add more information, photos and comments to their page, and users can see how many of their friends are following each celebrity, and choose to follow as well from the page.

About Xiha
Xiha ( brings people of the world together in the first truly multilingual social network. Users select as many languages as they want, and Xiha recognizes and filters the languages, allowing simultaneous cross-cultural communication. Users create blogs and homepages, compete in online gaming, and link to other social media. Xiha users live in over 200 countries, with no country accounting for more than about five percent of total traffic. Xiha is based in Sunnyvale, California, Switzerland and Finland.