CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwire - October 11, 2010) - Food processing equipment and technology has a new kid on the block delivering greater flexibility plus accuracy in food manufacturing. It's called "The Profit Improver Scooter" from America In Motion, manufacturers of cutting edge AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

The Profit Improver Scooter is American made at AIM's high tech factory in Charlotte, NC, giving manufacturers an edge over low-cost foreign labor.

These smart yet simple vehicles are helping the growth of the food manufacturing industry to greater profits by solving a multitude of issues from sanitation to precision batch mixing. Recent studies have shown food manufacturing engineers now have a continuing out-of-the-box thinking process for solving new challenges in the ever-changing food manufacturing industry. "Food processing made easier is our goal," commented Terry Blasius, Executive VP and Software Designer of "The Profit Improver Scooter."

"We have designed this system with literally thousands of hours of engineering, so that it doesn't operate like complicated engineering. It's having an AGV your way -- basic path planning of stops, using simple drag and drop computer screen graphics that any plant floor worker can use and understand."

As one food engineer at a small family-run operation described the functions of "The Profit Improver Scooter": "It truly makes food processing easier, creating the exact timing of our process while we can have peace of mind knowing our ingredient is always perfect and that sanitation and safety are optimum."

"The Profit Improver Scooters" fully interface with PLCs in large volume food manufacturing operations. They are capable of receiving information of what material should be moved to specific conveyors or can interact with sterilization units in canning operations without human involvement -- all of this through wireless communications. The Profit Improver Scooters are designed to meet all stringent codes of the industry including stainless steel casters, splash-proof motors, and water tight-controls; plus the units are designed for easy wash down. 

In batch line operations, mixing hoppers can be carried by these vehicles to receive exacting ingredients -- weighed with precision by load cell technology, then moved to the next station. Changes in batch sequence can be easily programmed into the units. Food processing technology has a new worker that gets it right every time: "The Profit Improver Scooter" from America In Motion.

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Tommy Hessler, President, America In Motion

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