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New Tool From Parental Solutions, LLC Enables Parents to Combat the Rising Sexting Trend

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - October 12, 2010) -  Two lawyers from St. Louis have introduced a new service to help parents keep their kids safe and combat the sexting epidemic spreading across the world.

"More than 20% of teens have either sent or posted a nude or semi-nude photo of themselves via cell phone," said Craig Spenner Jr., co-founder of Parental Solutions, LLC. "And more than twice as many have received sexually suggestive messages. Sexting will only get worse if we don't do anything to prevent it. Mobile Media Guard is the solution."

Mobile Media Guard is a smartphone application and the first product introduced by Parental Solutions. The App creates a real-time record of all photos and videos sent to and from a child's phone. Parents can then view these images in real-time on a secure website. "This simple and easy to use application provides parents with a peace-of-mind technology to help them protect their children," said Parental Solutions co-founder Sean Tierney. "It opens lines of communication for parents and children and helps families deal with this issue before it becomes a harmful social and legal threat."

What's more, the application provides children with an easy excuse to resist the peer pressure of sexting. "Our children face an incredible amount of social pressure in this area and must understand the dangers," said Spenner. "This monitoring tool provides them with an 'out.' Kids know their parents can see any photo they send or receive and will alert their friends."

During development, consumer research was conducted with parents of teenagers. The results were astounding. "We wanted to hear what parents thought about the issue of sexting and if they thought Mobile Media Guard was a good idea," said Tierney. "Every person in the group, both mothers and fathers, jumped at the idea. The response was overwhelming."

For Android phones, the Mobile Media Guard App is available for download at the Android Marketplace. For BlackBerry phones, until the application is approved and made available on BlackBerry App World, the BlackBerry App will be available at

To purchase the service, parents download the App to the child's phone, then register it at to activate a one-year subscription for a $49.99 service fee.

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