KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - October 12, 2010) -  Andy Willoughby, entrepreneur and founder of the 3 Step Plan, reviewed how some business owners may be able to get out of credit card debt. Approximately 576.4 million credit cards are in circulation in the U.S., according to CreditCards.com (http://tinyurl.com/6hdtv6).

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Willoughby explained that if you really want to get out of debt, plan ahead. "Do not use any credit cards without the intention of paying them off immediately. Additionally, call your bank to find out if any line of credit is available to you in case of a company emergency," Willoughby said. "In order to keep the cash-flow stable, consider your hiring process. Do not over-hire and make sure you are willing to pay yourself first to cover debt; a company will not evolve without its leader taking in some money each month. Also, it is important to be compliant with the rules, regulations and laws around the type of entity you are operating under, i.e. LLC, corporation or sole proprietorship," said Willoughby.

Additionally, Willoughby said that the better the accountant or CPA, the better the cash-flow. "In order to avoid processing the invoices, have the bookkeeper or accountant take care of this. However, you should be heavily involved, know what is coming in and leaving the bank accounts, what needs to be in the accounts and what else needs to be covered in the next six months in order to have cash in the bank and cash coming in. Finally, review opportunities with the accountant or CPA regularly to see where you may want to cut expenses," said Willoughby.

Entrepreneur Andy Willoughby developed a program that strives to reach three important goals: to get at least one adult in the family back in the home full-time, help individuals get out of debt and improve overall quality of life. The 3 Step Plan is the one home business system that has survived the test of time. After nearly 10 years of helping families build home businesses, it is still going strong. Twitter @3stepplan.

Learn more about Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan: http://www.3stepplan.com or http://andywilloughby.com.

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