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MediaPlanIQ(TM): How to Influence Independent Voters

Still Time to Sway Votes for Midterm Elections

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - October 13, 2010) - Independent voters will play a pivotal role in the November elections and with just a few weeks left, candidates are increasing efforts to get their message in front of these voters. In the past, all they needed to do was buy a television schedule, but that doesn't go far enough in today's fragmented media landscape.

When it comes to influencing Independent voters, a recent analysis using the MediaPlanIQ™ service from Prosper Business Development shows newspapers, TV/Cable and Online are the top three influencers.

MediaPlanIQ applies advanced analytics to BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage® survey data to provide a media plan based upon media consumption and media influence in order to maximize ROI for marketing expenditures. The analytics were co-developed by Prosper plus Don Schultz, Ph.D. and Martin Block, Ph.D. of the Medill School at Northwestern University. The results show that wide gaps may exist between how dollars are actually spent and what consumers say may influence them.

Prosper MediaPlanIQ™*
Media Allocation for Independents planning to vote in November 2010 Midterm Elections

Newspaper 25.9%
TV 21.4%
Online 14.8%
Direct Mail 10.4%
Magazines 9.2%
Radio 9.2%
Outdoor 3.3%
Social Media 3.0%
Mobile 2.8%

*Media is weighted by influence and consumption for Independents planning to vote in November 2010 Midterm Elections

For complete complimentary Prosper MediaPlanIQ allocation models including Democrats and Republicans:

Word of mouth is another important way to influence voters, especially Independents who tend to be more influenced by this medium than other parties. 35.9% of Independents who plan to vote in November say it influences them to purchase (vs. 34% of Democrats and 34% of Republicans).

Further, 91.9% of those Independents planning to vote say they regularly or occasionally seek advice while 95.1% regularly/occasionally give advice. It appears personal communication is key among this voter segment indicating that money used to ramp up grassroots efforts in the final push may be well spent.

About Prosper MediaPlanIQ™
Prosper MediaPlanIQ™ is a result of analysis of the BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage® Survey (SIMM®) by Prosper Technologies. Prosper Technologies collaborated with Martin Block, Ph.D., and Don Schultz, Ph.D., of the Medill School at Northwestern to analyze SIMM Surveys over six years to develop Prosper MediaPlanIQ™.

About Prosper Technologies
Prosper Technologies develops consumer-centric analytics from consumer responses to help businesses forecast consumer demand and expenditures, budget marketing and merchandising allocations and provides retailer specific cross consumption behaviors. Prosper MediaPlanIQ™ is a service of Prosper Technologies. BIGresearch is an authorized marketing representative.

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