ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2010) -  Enviro-Log®, Inc., an eco-friendly, consumer products and recycling company, announced today that its firelogs can be purchased at select Canadian retail locations including: Wal-Mart®, Canadian Tire®, and Lowe's®. 

Enviro-Log firelogs are a great year-round product for home heating and outdoor recreation activities. Canadians love the outdoors and Enviro-Log firelogs are the perfect fit for every occasion because they can be safely used in outdoor firepits, chimineas, campfires, outdoor tailgating and family cook-outs. Enviro-Log firelogs can also be used in nice, relaxing fires in the fireplace and woodstoves to reduce utility bills. Enviro-Log firelogs are tested safe for use in typical woodstoves and as an outdoor cooking fuel. They produce 30 percent less smoke emissions and up to 33 percent less greenhouse gases than firewood.

As the largest waxed cardboard recycler in North America, Enviro-Log works with both Canadian and U.S. businesses to reduce their landfill volumes by providing a better solution for wax cardboard than landfills. Enviro-Log uses recycled waxed cardboard to manufacture its earth-friendly firelogs that burn cleaner and more efficiently than firewood, while offering more uses than competitive wax-sawdust firelogs. 

"With our use of 100 percent recycled materials, combined with better performance and more flexibility than competitive firelogs, Enviro-Log firelogs offer a compelling value proposition for both Canadian retailers and consumers," said Ross McRoy, president of Enviro-Log, Inc. "We are proud to offer the Canadian marketplace a product that is the ultimate substitute for firewood. Enviro-Log firelogs offer all the conveniences of a wood fire, but with a better environmental result. It just makes good sense."

According to Environment Canada, an organization that implements Canada's federal government's environmental agenda, more than 3 million Canadian dwellings use wood heating as the primary or secondary source of heat. Canada's national statistical agency, Statistics Canada, says that residential wood heating is one of the main causes of winter smog in Canada. Statistics Canada also reports that wood heating is responsible for 29 percent of Canadian emissions of fine particulates. Enviro-Log firelogs offer Canadian consumers a better alternative to wood because they burn cleaner and produce 50 percent more heat per pound than wood.

When compared to wood or other manufactured firelogs, Enviro-Log firelogs emit 80 percent less carbon dioxide and 86 percent less creosote. Like wood, you can burn more than one Enviro-Log firelog at a time to enhance a fire. However, unlike wood, Enviro-Log firelogs can be stored and burned in all weather conditions. You can even use the ash from Enviro-Log firelogs as fertilizer or potting soil. 

About Enviro-Log, Inc. 
Enviro-Log® is an eco-friendly, consumer products and recycling company headquartered in Fitzgerald, Ga., and the third largest producer of manufactured firelogs in the U.S. Its firelogs are made of 100 percent recycled materials and burn cleaner than wood while generating 50 percent more heat. Enviro-Log firelogs can be purchased in Canada at Lowes, Wal-Mart, and Canadian Tire locations. Enviro-Log firelogs are also available at select national retail locations including Home Depot, K-Mart, WholeFoods, Weis Markets, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, Winn-Dixie, and regional retailers throughout the U.S. The company also offers earth-friendly firestarters and accelerants. More information on Enviro-Log can be found at or by calling (866) 343-6847. Retailers can also send an email to

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