MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - October 19, 2010) -   Stratus Technologies today launched a new partner program to help resellers take advantage of the growing demand for guaranteed uptime solutions. Stratus4Uptime takes care of all the uptime considerations so that resellers can focus on their strength of developing solutions tailored to their customers' needs. The demand for uptime solutions is growing in every industry, but most resellers can't afford to become uptime experts, nor should they have to.

The Stratus4Uptime Partner Program combines deep product, software and service discounts with training, technical, sales and marketing support to help make uptime solution development profitable for resellers. As more applications in more industries require ultra-high uptime, resellers need hardware and software platforms that provide uptime without adding to long-term IT costs with higher maintenance and management costs. Stratus® ftServer® systems and Stratus Avance® high-availability software, combined with proactive availability monitoring and management, answer that need.

"In the past, high availability options for small and medium businesses have been unaffordable, and the skills needed to deploy server clusters aren't frequently available in the SMB space," said Chuck Orcutt, Nexlink Product Line Manager for Seneca Data, a Stratus channel partner. "Nexlink server pairs, combined with Avance high availability software, give our VARs a highly tested solution to offer SMBs to protect their data easily and economically."

Stratus' uptime assurance products support high-demand applications where the potential harm from service failures is very high. Organizations using Stratus uptime solutions range from national ATM networks processing financial transactions to local business such as medical practices that need reliable access to patient records. Stratus4Uptime provides resellers with simple, low-maintenance uptime platforms that can easily be adapted to markets ranging from retail to emergency response.

"Stratus4Uptime is going to make uptime a given for resellers, something they barely have to think about even though it's an essential quality their customers are looking for," said Eric Dougherty, vice president, Stratus Channel Sales. "Stratus hardware, software and 24x7 technical support provide the uptime so the resellers can focus on using their domain expertise to create outstanding solutions for their customers."

A 2010 Information Technology Intelligence Corp. survey of IT professionals found a 70 percent increase in applications that demand continuous uptime. In the healthcare industry alone, Forrester found that more than 75 percent of IT organizations had "significant downtime" that affected operations in 2009. At the same time, virtualization's rapid spread is making IT environments more complex and costly to maintain. Stratus4Uptime helps resellers meet the demand while eliminating the potential for drag on resellers' bottom lines from uptime solutions that are too time and labor intensive to implement. In addition to hardware, software, services and discounts, Stratus is also offering favorable business terms such as paying out on approved deal registrations instead of closings.

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