IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - October 18, 2010) -  Orange County Business Council (OCBC), the leading voice of business in Orange County, has endorsed Mike Villines for State Insurance Commissioner. Villines is a strong business leader and advocate of the Business Council's key initiatives which include economic development, infrastructure investment, expanded workforce housing and ensuring today's youth are getting the education needed for a strong 21st century workforce.

"Insurance Commissioner may not be as well-known as other statewide offices, but the office serves a critical role in ensuring that California has a business-friendly environment," said Lucy Dunn, President and CEO of the Business Council.

Villines' agenda for creating jobs and improving California's economy concentrates on keeping insurance affordable and accessible for individuals and businesses by increasing competition and controlling costs. He advocates cutting barriers to competition, using alternatives to litigation and cutting costs through efficiency in Department operations. "So much progress has been made over the last few years to balance Workers' Compensation, we need Mike Villines to ensure that balance continues, for the benefit of workers and employers," continued Dunn. Villines is committed to controlling workers' compensations costs and keeping benefits affordable. Villines believes this can be done by keeping benefits objective and consistent across the state, working to fight fraud and profiteering and utilizing best practices from other states.

With California once again trailblazing issues ahead of federal guidelines with regard to the new health care insurance exchange, the state needs a strong leader in the role of Insurance Commissioner. Villines has a plan to improve health care which includes measures to reduce costs and to provide more affordable health care choices. Villines believes the use of health savings accounts, plans tailored to individual's needs and the ability to shop for insurance across state lines will help Californians purchase insurance within the confines of their budget and ensure insurance companies provide a range of options to consumers.

"Insurance literally impacts nearly every man, woman, child, and business in our state. It is critical that we have an Insurance Commissioner who puts the interests of the consumers and our working families first. As California's next Insurance Commissioner, I will not rest until we make insurance more affordable and accessible to all Californians," Villines said.

"We are pleased to endorse Mike Villines for California Insurance Commissioner because of his strong leadership and understanding of the regulatory issues that are hindering an economic recovery for California's businesses," said Dunn.

Throughout his years of service in the Assembly, Villines has advocated a number of proposals, balancing the needs of the business community, environment and social equity, working to ensure a high quality of life for the state.

As Republican Leader, he helped set the tone for major tax code revisions to encourage business development in California; the formation of public/private partnerships to bring public works projects on-line faster; categorical school funding reforms that allow more budget flexibility; and streamlined regulations that balance environmental protection and natural resource preservation with the critical need of growing our economy.

Prior to his election to the State Assembly, Mike Villines served as an aide to former Governor Pete Wilson where he worked to implement the Governor's legislative agenda to reform ineffective environmental regulations. He also served as chief-of-staff to former State Senator Chuck Poochigian and he currently owns a small public relations business.

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