RENO, NV and SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - October 19, 2010) -   Dockon, Inc. today announced that Embedded Works, a leading innovator in embedded wireless technologies, will distribute Dockon's CPL™ Compound Antennas and will sell and integrate Dockon antenna technology and solutions into their customers' new and existing designs. 

"Our customers are demanding higher performance planar antennas that are small and easy-to-embed into their applications at a competitive price," said Andy Do, CEO of Embedded Works. "The CPL compound antenna is the first technology we have seen that offers such efficient high gain capabilities in such a small size."

With the Dockon CPL compound antenna design, Embedded Works now can provide embeddable antenna elements on FR4, flex or other substrates with superior performance, easy integration and excellent value to its customers.

CPL antennas are the first commercially available compound antennas that utilize both magnetic loop radiators and co-located electric field radiators. Conventional antenna technologies typically excite either electric or magnetic radiators, but not both. This simultaneous excitation of both radiators results in an effective cancellation of reactive power, improving the overall performance and efficiency. Radiation efficiency in the 90 percent range is common in CPL antenna designs.

"We are pleased that Embedded Works has partnered with Dockon to deliver the CPL technology to their customers. CPL Antenna Elements are the culmination of more than 20 years of research on compound antennas and are the first commercially viable compound planar antenna," said Patrick Johnston, CEO of Dockon. "After years of development, testing and refinement of the design process, CPL antennas deliver on the promise of compound antenna technology in an easy-to-manufacture format."

Dockon's CPL technology is available for nearly every wireless application and is ideal for a wide variety of wireless applications with space constraints. CPL Antenna Elements can be designed to take advantage of an application's ground plane, or can be made as standalone elements if no suitable counterpoise is available.

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