ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - October 20, 2010) -  Daylight-saving time ends Sunday, Nov. 7, and marks the 23rd anniversary of the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® program, created by Energizer (NYSE: ENR) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), which reminds people to check and change the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors during the fall time change. This message is simple, and the habit can be lifesaving. Forty percent of fatal fire injuries occur in homes without working smoke alarms, while 23 percent occur in homes in which at least one smoke alarm is present but fails to operate.*

Firefighters work tirelessly to help reduce the risk factors by educating their residents on the importance of having a working smoke alarm. In many communities, fire departments are able to distribute free batteries to citizens in need as a result of the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery program. Over the past 22 years, Energizer has donated more than four million batteries to local fire departments. This year, people have an opportunity to get involved in a very simple way to help increase the donation.

In an effort to reach more community members nationwide, Energizer, as part of its new Now That's Positivenergyprogram, is enlisting people across the country to help double the donation of batteries to local fire departments. When people visit the CYCCYB tab on the Energizer Bunny® Facebook page, (, they can send a Change Your Clock Change Your Battery reminder to their friends to trigger a battery donation. In addition, people can make an online pledge to change the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors or develop a home escape plan online to help increase the number of batteries the company donates this year, up to 400,000 batteries. 

"Each year, thousands of lives are forever changed due to the devastating effects of a home fire, especially when home fire fatalities are a factor," said Chief Jack E. Parow, EFO, president and chairman of the board of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. "For that reason alone, Energizer's donation of batteries has become a vital and necessary component to keeping communities across the nation safe and sound. A working smoke alarm is a family's best defense for surviving a home fire."

This year, the public can play an important role in helping to spread the life-saving message. 

"For 23 years, Energizer, the IAFC and more than 6,200 fire departments have partnered to educate communities on the importance of home fire safety and having working smoke alarms," said Jim Olsen, Vice President of Marketing for Energizer North America. "By asking for the public's help this year, we hope to further raise awareness of the life-saving message, while also increasing the battery donation to help more community members in need avoid devastating home fire fatalities."

Extra Good in Your Neighborhood
Setting the clock and replacing the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is quick and easy. In addition to encouraging others to do so, also consider using the extra hour you gain from daylight-saving time to create some positive changes in your community.

One positive change residents are encouraged to make is to use the extra hour "gained" to remind their friends, family and neighbors of the life-saving habit of changing and testing smoke alarm batteries. The simple reminder is one of the easiest, most-effective ways to reduce tragic home fire deaths and injuries.

Secondly, you can spend your extra hour spreading good in your neighborhood. More than 80 percent of local fire departments are staffed by volunteers. Energizer and the IAFC are encouraging people to use their extra hour volunteering to make a change in their community.

"It's about taking small steps together to make a big difference, from reminding each other to get in the habit of the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® program to using our extra hours to make a difference in the community-- Now That's Positivenergy™," Olsen said.

About Energizer
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About The International Association of Fire Chiefs
The IAFC,, represents the leadership of over 1.2 million firefighters and emergency responders. IAFC members are the world's leading experts in firefighting, emergency medical services, terrorism response, hazardous materials spills, natural disasters, search and rescue, and public safety legislation. Since 1873, the IAFC has provided a forum for education, the exchange ideas, and the promotion of community and firefighter safety. The organization is co-founder with Energizer on the long-running Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® campaign to promote working smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors.

*Statistics provided by the National Fire Prevention Association

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