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Core News Facts:

  • On the heels of OneRiot's announcement that it will focus 100 percent on the company's advertising network for the realtime time social web, Topsy today announced that OneRiot has transitioned its organic search partners to Topsy.
  • As part of the relationship, Topsy is now monetizing via OneRiot's realtime search ads -- which now appear on
  • This transition consolidates the market, making Topsy the leading realtime search platform.
  • The Topsy API powers realtime search features on hundreds of websites and applications.
  • Developers can now integrate realtime search powered by Topsy, while monetizing their applications with fresh, realtime advertisements powered by OneRiot.

About Topsy & Realtime Search:

  • The social web is changing how consumers are exposed to and consume content. According to Twitter, 90 million tweets are created each day (as of Sep. 2010), with 25 percent of these tweets containing links.
  • Today's most important (and fastest growing source of) content is that being created and shared by key influencers within the social web. As a result, social graphs are quickly replacing PageRank as the new "signal" for what is relevant.
  • Topsy results are powered by influencers tweeting about content within the social web, bringing consumers relevant, realtime results that correspond to the keyword, article or topic they are looking for.
  • Topsy's platform is designed for true web-scale search and powered by the largest searchable index of Twitter data. Publishers are turning to Topsy to power realtime content on their sites.
  • Topsy makes realtime data from the social web relevant and provides superior search results that are noise-free, scalable and brand-friendly -- increasing engagement and monetization rates.

About OneRiot & Realtime Ad Networks:

  • OneRiot syndicates millions of realtime search ads daily today for search partners. The company expects this to grow significantly as consumer demand continues to drive that segment of the search industry forward.
  • Realtime search is most effectively monetized with realtime search ads. Realtime search ads match the audience intent of discovering "what's hot, right now." This is distinct from the audience behavior on traditional search portals, where the user is typically trying to find specific factual information, often from a predetermined domain. A different user behavior requires a different type of advertising product -- one that matches users' intent on the realtime social web. This is what OneRiot's advertising product does.
  • OneRiot matches advertiser campaign content to trends as they emerge across the social web in realtime, automatically delivering ads that are "relevant right now" and enabling advertisers to reach an audience at key moments of engagement.
  • OneRiot leverages its proprietary Trending Topics Engine and realtime indexing and ranking capabilities to dynamically construct relevant ad creative and deliver a message that resonates with the realtime web audience at just the right time. As a result, the advertiser does not need to keep up with trends to generate new ad content or buy new keywords; a major advantage of the OneRiot advertising platform for an advertiser seeking to reach the fast-moving realtime audience.
  • OneRiot reaches more than 100 million social influencers across an exclusive network of realtime social web apps and services, with advertising products for search, display and mobile. Advertising Network distribution partners include leading Twitter apps like Ubertwitter, Echofon and Seesmic; top media sharing sites like yfrog, TwitGoo and TwitVid; popular realtime discovery services like Kosmix and now Topsy; as well as a host of handpicked publisher sites like JPG Magazine.


Tobias Peggs, CEO of OneRiot
"Consumer demand for realtime search results continues to grow at a rapid pace. Marketers and advertisers need an effective way to reach this audience, and our company is now completely focused on this through our realtime search, display and mobile advertising products. Given that, we're delighted to transition our existing organic search API partners to Topsy, a powerful and relevant realtime search provider. Now, OneRiot and Topsy developer partners can benefit from relevant, realtime search results while monetizing with relevant, realtime search ads."

Vipul Ved Prakash, Co-Founder and CEO of Topsy
"We are honored that OneRiot is partnering with Topsy to transition their organic realtime search partners to our team. OneRiot ads, coupled with the largest indexed set of Twitter data on the planet from Topsy, let publishers keep their audience engaged while they monetize in a safe way through relevant, fresh content from across the social web."

About Topsy:
Topsy is a realtime search engine powered by the social web. Unlike traditional web search engines, Topsy provides the most influential search results ranked by millions of people each day. By searching links, tweets and other user generated content, Topsy brings you the freshest, most valuable content on the social web. Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2006, Topsy is backed by BlueRun Ventures, Ignition Partners, Founders Fund and Scott Banister. For more information visit:

About OneRiot:
OneRiot is the advertising network for the realtime social web. OneRiot partners with leading brands and media companies to reach millions of social influencers across an exclusive network of top Twitter apps, mobile apps, social networks and content discovery sites. Realtime campaigns with OneRiot build brand awareness, community engagement and drive viral social sharing.

OneRiot is a privately held company, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Investors include Spark Capital, Commonwealth Capital Partners and Appian Ventures. For more information visit: For the latest company updates, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or read our blog. For interview inquires or any other questions, please email or call (303) 938-3504.

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