GARDEN CITY, NY--(Marketwire - October 25, 2010) - Utility Expense Reduction (UER), an Energy Service Company (ESCO) focused on providing comprehensive energy solutions at reduced rates, today announced the official launch of the company. Based in Garden City, N.Y., the new company has been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission to serve the business, education, property owners and government sectors. 

Mr. Trombino, formerly an independent contractor of GreenLight Energy, created this unique company to provide customizable solutions that accommodate individual users financial and energy needs. 

"Based on our team's previous experience and significant research we have conducted on the New York energy market and the needs of energy users throughout the state, we believe that UER is in a unique position to meet the growing demands to provide superior energy services while reducing the energy footprint and costs to the users," explained Trombino. "With deregulation, organizations now have the ability to choose who will supply their natural gas and electricity. It is our goal to provide them with competitive prices, personalized service and innovative solutions that best suit their needs."

UER offers a wide range of products and services that will increase energy efficiency and reduce overall costs. Providing full energy audits for its customers, UER recommends, sells and installs best-of-breed energy solutions as well as supplies the most cost-efficient natural gas on the market. As an ESCO that purchases gas in a competitive market and then provides the gas to the utility on its customers' behalf, UER is able to offer a 10-15 percent savings on natural gas, in addition to providing customizable green energy solutions and superior customer service.

About Utility Expense Reduction
Utility Expense Reduction (UER) is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) focused on providing comprehensive solutions at reduced rates to organizations. Offering a wide range of products and services at competitive prices, UER serves business, educational, property owners and governmental organizations located in the state of New York. Based in Garden City, N.Y., UER can be found on the Internet at

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Brian Trombino
Utility Expense Reduction
(212) 633-0071