MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - October 25, 2010) - NetEx, the leader in WAN optimization software, today announced that Rhea & Kaiser, an independent, full-service communications agency, has implemented its HyperIP to accelerate replication traffic of virtual machines using Veeam Backup and Replication for improved protection in case of disaster.

NetEx's award-winning HyperIP® is a software-only, virtualization-ready WAN optimization solution, ideal for moving large data sets across WANs securely, swiftly and seamlessly, particularly between datacenters. Rhea & Kaiser adopted HyperIP after experiencing serious issues replicating its virtual machines offsite. HyperIP solved the problem of high latency issues it was experiencing with a 10Mb fibre connection to its DR site through a VPN between two Sonicwall firewall appliances, avoiding adding bandwidth to its main and disaster recovery sites at an extra cost.

With approximately 95 percent of its network virtualized and running at gigabit speeds with lots of redundancy built in, Rhea & Kaiser looked for a solution that could leverage the benefits of virtualization in addition to improving fail rates of replication jobs as much as 35 percent. After evaluating offerings from Riverbed and Bluecoat, Rhea & Kaiser implemented HyperIP after its successful free trial period. In addition to solving latency issues of its VPN connection between its main site and DR site, HyperIP was added to Rhea & Kaiser's virtual tape library appliance to address problems replicating it offsite to the DR facility as well.

"The HyperIP virtual appliance has performed beyond my expectations," said Faisal Farooqui, Manager of Business Technology at Rhea & Kaiser. "Even during our trial period, I couldn't stop raving about my experience and had to tell just about anyone I knew or that would appreciate the technology. Based on my first-hand experience, I'd recommend NetEx to anyone who is virtualized and looking to set up a disaster recovery site or offsite backups."

"Rather than simply throwing more bandwidth at the problem, Rhea & Kaiser was able to make more effective use of the bandwidth they had while solving latency issues and failed job completions to ensure that their disaster recovery plans remained intact," said Robert MacIntyre, NetEx Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. "Using HyperIP in conjunction with Veeam Backup and Replication delivers a high-performance, cost-effective data protection solution for virtualized environments that provides peace of mind for companies concerned that their business-critical information is protected and moved offsite on time every time."

NetEx's patent-pending technology accelerates and optimizes industry-leading data replication and file transfer applications by aggregating multiple data replication applications over a shared connection while mitigating the inherent network latency and network disruption for long-distance remote TCP data transmissions. The full version of HyperIP supports long-distance data transfers at up to 800 Mb/s, the highest performance of any WAN optimization solution on the market, and 25 to more than 100 percent faster than competitive products. Transfer speed is optimized for the full range of data management applications, including backup & remote replication and business continuance/disaster recovery (BC/DR). NetEx offers HyperIP for cloud infrastructures as a software-only configuration, enabling customers to quickly deploy the acceleration software into their existing VMware infrastructures.

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